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Where are the best online support groups for spouses of people with alzheimer's disease?

My dad is in his 80s and suffering from dementia. He gets out-of-control in public and verbally abuses my mom. There's not much I can do, as I live far away, in a different state. I asked Mom if she had any support, and she said she joined a local group, but most of the members just joked about the "cute" antics their spouses got up to, losing their dentures and whatnot. There didn't seem to be anyone there who could relate to what she is going through.

She is on the right track in terms of getting medical and legal support. What she really needs is some social support. If she can't get it where she lives, is there somewhere she can go online?

Throwaway: pl3aseh3lpmymom AT gmail
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Has she tried the forums at
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There may be more than one local group. Here's the Alzheimers Association page, I know from a friend they are very geared towards support of caregivers. Your father's behavior is by no means rare.
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The UK Alzheimer's Society forums are fairly active, and whilst there is a UK focus (e.g. lots of discussion of local social care systems) lots of general issues are discussed that are relevant wherever you are in the world. There is specifically a section for partners of people with dementia.
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