9/11. Oy. Are there any active online support groups for 9/11 survivors?
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Are there any active online support groups for 9/11 survivors? I was in midtown when the WTC was attacked in 2001. That brought on several days of stressful situations for myself and others in the city (evacuating due to bomb threats, going near the site only to run for your life because fears of other buildings falling near the site, etc). I coped as everyone else did in the city, and for the past several years I've avoided most if not all 9/11 coverage. This year, the anniversary passed without me realizing it - but then on the 12th I was reading an article about first responders lobbying congress and it sent me down a rabbit hole of watching (for the first time) life news footage of the attacks.

At the time I was hoping I had the resilience to watch the footage, that it would be cathartic. It wasn't. Now I'm overwhelmed with physical feelings of anxiety and fear - as if the attacks were happening right now. As if I was right back there 14 yrs ago. I'm hoping this anxiety will subside but it's quite acute.

I've been searching online for support groups that may've formed for witnesses to discuss what they're going through, but I haven't found anything active. The only support I see is for first responders & survivors who were more close in proximity to the attack or family members of victims.

I'm hoping that someone on metafilter may have advice or can point me in a direction to an online support group or forum where I can hopefully discuss this and figure out how to work through this anxiety right now. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
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Have you looked at this?

and I'm right there with ya.
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I realize you may have very valid reasons for wanting an online group (especially for finding help right now), but please be aware that seeing a therapist would also be a totally valid option for dealing with triggered trauma. You can look for a therapist with experience and training in treating PTSD (even if you don't have full-blown PTSD).

I don't know of any specific 9/11 forums, but the Forums and Psych Central are fairly active and might be helpful just in terms of talking through your anxiety.
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There aren't too many active groups anymore, most have disbanded. The WTC Survivors' Network (the one that EmpressCallipygos links to above) is by far the most active and most useful. They will absolutely welcome witnesses who were in NYC area but not in close proximity to the towers.

If you decide you want to connect with someone in person or want further resources for 9/11-related witnesses/survivors, send me a MeMail - this is an area I (tangentially) work in.
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