Pros/Cons to trimming the Hair-Down-There™? (Male)
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Pros/Cons to trimming the Hair-Down-There™? (Male)

What are the pros and cons for a man considering trimming his pubic hair?
(Having already read that trimming is far more recommended than shaving for men)

Primary goal: No more repetitively pulled/irritated (shaft) hairs during sex
Primary fear: Hairs will grow in sharp and pointy, causing discomfort for SWMBO
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Trim but don't shave. A little bald feller will creep out most girls, while a subset will find it hot, but they can always get you to shave if that's their preference. Trimming will always indicate some measure of self-care that a big old bushy mess doesn't. Also, when I've let mine grow back from shaving (stubble actually made sex less comfortable than having hair) it was the same as it always was.
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If you do shave or trim short, your partner(s) will also be less likely to have a problem with getting hair in their mouths/teeth during oral sex. which is distracting at best and really icky at worst. It doesn't hurt (but I wouldn't go completely bald for the reasons Space Coyote said).
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Um, trimming also greatly enhances the whole oral-genital experience, IMO. No one likes to get a stray hair caught in their teeth or throat during an intimate encounter. Plus, I've noticed that the general "freshness" improves. Use scissors made expressly for cutting hair (beauty supply stores have them) because a nice clean cut is less prickly. Conditioner helps.

Trimming has the side benefit of making things seem *larger* too. (So does having a partner with small hands, but that's another topic.)

It's kinda fun to have your partner help in this little grooming task. Just be sure you're on really good terms!
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If you shave, be prepared for a couple of painful days when the hairs re-emerge. Painful and itchy. Don't ask me how I know this.

Clipping is good. Not only that, but the less hair you have down there, the more 'big-ified' everything else will look. It's a win-win!
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The biggest con would be that you'll look like a cheesy porn actor.
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Exactly like I said! WIN-WIN!
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I see no cons, at all, to simple trimming.

It's easy to do, takes almost no time and has immediately positive visual and sexual consequences.

Shaving on the other hand... that's a weird burrito.
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Good Vibrations has a useful guide to pubic hair shaving. If that link doesn't get you there, from the main page go to Magazine > Features > Sexual Pleasure and Health > Sep 2002. This is the key bit:

You won't believe how a bare pussy or scrotum feels beneath your own hands, and it feels incredible during sex -- especially oral sex and hand jobs. You'll feel it every time you take a step, smooth skin on panties, boxers or your jeans.

I'd use scissors, electric clippers, then razor, in that order. Some folks say it helps to soak the area first to soften the hairs. Never tried Nair or anything like that, since it's one of those sensitive areas, but I'd bet you could use it around the area where your penis meets the rest of the body. Best to do a small test area first if you use chemicals.

Painful and itchy.

More itchy than painful as it grows back, usually. Kind of a weird feeling when clothes rub against the skin, since you won't be used to it. Oh, and if you do shave, reconcile yourself to nicking yourself down there at least once, probably on your balls. You'll survive.
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From a woman's perspective, i wholeheartedly agree: trimming is sufficient for men. (Rubbing against itchy stubble is most unpleasant, so if you do shave, askme has tons of threads on lessons learned to shave to one's best advantage should you decide to take it that far.) So trim, maybe to about a quarter inch with clippers and a steady hand -- there are clippers made expressly for this task -- and maintain every few days or so. Follow with conditioner. Trimming has the added benefit of keeping you cooler in the summer months, and if it's your first trim, swmbo will truly appreciate the novelty of something new. Have fun!
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Shave the boys and the captain, trim the rest. It's actually possible to trim with a standard razor. Just sort of drag it along the great wooly expanse without pushing down at all. Works surprisingly well, and makes the whole process something you can do in the shower a couple times a week. After the first few times, it just doesn't itch any more.
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My approach, which has won some accolades from lovers in the past (and present), is to shave the ol' cock'n'balls but trim everything else down to about half an inch.

The sensation of bald skin against bald skin (most of my lovers have also shaved) is fantastic.
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Good answers in at least two previous threads.
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Rubbing against itchy stubble is most unpleasant

Good point, mochapickle! If you do (make the mistake) of shaving, the ensuing "stubble-days" can seriously irritate your partner's sensitive region during coitus.

And now I've said too much.
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Do it. Makes your wang look bigger, makes you look like you care about personal grooming. I never slept with a woman who didn't prefer it.

Plus you can run faster!

Be sure to use lower-powered clippers (beard trimmers are perfect). High-powered hair clippers can result in heavy application of a styptic pencil or other coagulant.
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Trim it for the novelty. It underwhelmed my spouse, FWIW.
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Shave the boys and the captain, trim the rest.
-- uncleozzy
I agree... this provides the most benefits without the downside of it being irritating to SWMBO.

I'd recommend getting one of those beard trimmer/nose hair trimmer all-in-one combinations if you don't already have one... they work great
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If your hair trimmer is one of the models with the rotary action, make sure the batteries are fully charged and the trimmer is in good working order. Trust me on this.
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I don't understand what is the whole big deal about making it *look* bigger. If you do it with girls, the first time she's going to see it is when she's getting hot and heavy with you, and she's going to know exactly how big it is when she gets her hand/mouth/hoohoo on it. I mean, you can't fool her. I think the only people guys try to impress with their putative pudendum size is other guys, like when they're sneaking a peek in the loo. Or are you just trying to make *yourself* think it's bigger?

ObAnswer: Trim.
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I recommend a rechargeable trimmer with a charging stand (vs. plain old battery type). From my experience, the faster the trimmer moves, the better the trim and you're less likely to get a "pulled" hair.

And afterward, you can wear this NSFW t-shirt.
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So, assuming:
-#2 clipper/trimmer (around 1/4-1/2"??)
-only the boys and captain

is there no sharp pricklyness of doom?
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Shave the boys and the captain, trim the rest.
-- uncleozzy

Hear, hear. The business about size illusion is debatable, but damn hell, there's no point in 'trimming' if you are just going to leave behind a field of stiff bristles. And yes, sensation goes wayyy up.
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Electric beard trimmer (with a guard) for the "thicket" and then a simple ol' blade razor for the fine work helps. If you've got hairy thighs then you want to be careful, otherwise the transition looks funny.

Oh, yes. Shave gel. The neutrogena gel for men is good stuff - no alcohol in it, no burn.

Bikini Zone for the razor burn. Really, really helps.
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So, assuming:
-#2 clipper/trimmer (around 1/4-1/2"??)
-only the boys and captain
is there no sharp pricklyness of doom?

A little. The regrowth on the boys can itch like a bastard, but after the first time it becomes managable. And it's worth it: noone likes lantana.
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coriolis: sharp prickliness of death for him or for her?
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Uncle Ozzy has it right. Nice looking, and feels nice when in use. Also beneficial for both parties should somebody's tongue end up down there.
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(clarification on assumptions: no shaving, just trim)
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Oh, I'm talking about trimming everything, but shaving the boys and the Cap'n. It's just itchy for him, but it's not too bad.
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Con: you will look like a weirdo
Pro: still trying to think of one
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Trimming has the added benefit of keeping you cooler in the summer months
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Ditto, and in the winter too, if you exert yourself or work someplace hot or whatever. Less hair also often means less smell - my theory is that although there's technically more surface area for sweat to evaporate from, too much hair keeps it from evaporating effectively (since it comes from the skin), especially with clothing covering the area. That's why I (male) also trim (all but shave) my armpits. And now I've said too much.
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I know for a fact that the girls in NYC appreciate it when their partner does as much "yardwork" as they do. This should help the blade-shy.
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for cosmetic effect, why not? Go for it. (I occasionaly trim my pits, it's the only reason I have a pair of left-handed scissors, for the riight armpit.)

Pro: more sensuous.
Con: it's gay.
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A tip? or something.

Bodygroom. I can't verify if this is a good idea or not. I think I remember seeing it on Gizmodo a long time ago, and I think it had the internet goin' nuts (sorry) for a little while. Does anyone have personal experience with this, ahem, device?
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Maybe what you can do is run a regular shaving razor across your hairs in the direction that the hair grows, to keep it relatively short & trim, creating a "mowed lawn" look. I think by going in the direction your hair grows, it might cut the hairs at an angle, creating a more "feathered" feel than a sharp cut. That's what I do (I'm a woman) and it seems to work well.. By keeping the hairs just sort enough, I don't feel them rubbing against my skin. Haven't heard my b/f say he felt anything like that, and I know he prefers it trimmed....

Personally, I hate the completely shaved look on a man or a woman, and hate how it feels *cringes*.
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