Which plugin can I use to create similar expandable text areas?
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Which Wordpress plugin can I use to create similar expandable text areas like on https://artworkinstall.com? I want to create expandable text areas with pictures inside or, if possible, with picture gallery.
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Collapse-O-Matic does this sort of thing.

Most plugins that do this stuff will be using jQuery animation. It's not too hard to roll your own templates that have collapsible areas, if you're so inclined.
posted by pipeski at 9:25 AM on April 24, 2019

Can you suggest any specific plugin?
posted by Peter_B at 9:43 AM on April 24, 2019

Ok, sorry, I see, Collapse-O-Matic
Thank you!
posted by Peter_B at 9:44 AM on April 24, 2019

To help you in your search, it's referred to as "accordion tabs".
posted by humboldt32 at 9:54 AM on April 24, 2019

Surprised this isn't built-in to WP5. Another option is to use Elementor plugin.
posted by terrapin at 12:38 PM on April 24, 2019

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