How to get text from Android Notepad app?
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My new phone (Huawei SCL-Lo2 Android 5.1.1) has a note-taking app (Notepad version 010) - so I've been entering my mileage at the start of trips: saves on logbooking manually - But ... how ever do I get the text files out of the phone? Can't find anything useful on app, and app doesn't show up in phone's installed apps list.
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Give Airdroid a go. It allows the transfer of files and even the clipboard
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I do this by copy and pasting into email messages.
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Try Total Commander to poke around in the filesystem, or hook it up to your computer and use its file manager to transfer files over. There's certainly a directory it uses.
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Thanks heaps - I'll try these out tomorrow and get back - I wouldn't've thought of trying Total Commander.
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You can also look for the 'Share' icon in the app/individual note - it'll probably look something like this. That - assuming it's there - will let you send the note as an email/text/whatever.
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I've tried Airdroid - great tool thanks nostrada, and TC - it's truly weird but so far. Airdroid did help me find a folder called HwNotePad whic is the name of the app but it didn't contain anything. I've since found that on some Android phones there's a sql file called note_pad.db so I'll look for that next. At the moment I've gone back to using the phone to take screenshots and then email them to myself.
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