Help me stick notes to my Windows 10 desktop!
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I'm trying to find a replacement for the old Sticky Notes widget -- something that I can just type stuff in (mainly a to-do list), and it sits on my desktop all the time. Of course, snowflakes inside.

I know that Sticky Notes is still a thing that I can use in Windows 10. However, I use a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse, so while I can copy and paste text into Sticky Notes from other sources like Word, I can't edit any text in Sticky Notes -- the tablet makes it so that all I have available is the "pen tool" for hand-writing notes. I've searched for a way to change that setting in Sticky Notes, to no avail.

I know there are tons of notes programs like OneNote or ToDoist or Wunderlist, but they all seem to be programs that minimize to the taskbar, or sit in the Start menu. I really need something that sits open up in the corner of the desktop all the time, like an actual Post-It stuck to my screen (but that other open programs can sit on top of). Connectivity to other devices isn't necessary -- this will only be used on my desktop PC. If it matters, I'm currently on Windows 10, build 1511 (I can't update to the Anniversary Edition, because that build makes a couple of work-essential programs unusable.)
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Best answer: I've used this program for years. I'm not sure how it would play with the Wacom tablet, but it's a really great little app-like program that works well on Windows.
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Best answer: Seconding stickies, been using it for years.
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Response by poster: I've only tried Stickies for a day, and I'm madly in love already. So many customization options, and they do exactly what I needed them to do. Thank you!!
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