Quick and cheap Game of Thrones costume
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We have an invite to a GoT party next weekend and need costume ideas. Other than a blank "Hello my name is" name tag (which may be one costume), does anyone have any thoughts on anything that can put together quickly and cheaply?

Any costume ideas for characters, objects, theme or ??? welcome.
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Could you buy a bunch of masks, wear all black/grey, pin the masks on your clothes, and be one of the columns in the "Hall of Faces" or whatever they call where Arya trained?

Or you could print out various masks if you don't want to buy masks.
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Get those craft wiggle eyes and stick three on your forehead. Boom, Three-Eyed Raven.

(Okay I guess that's technically five eyes. Follow your heart.)
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All black clothing = Night's Watchman

Any passable disease makeup + leper rags = someone with greyscale
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(Okay, that rug isn’t cheap, but you could probably find something similar at a Goodwill.)
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Cat mask and you're Ser Pounce!
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Carry a big pot and wood spoon as Hot Pie.
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How to make a Jon Snow cloak out of an IKEA rug

And from a link in one of the comments, a cheaper option would be to get a few yards of faux fur fabric from somewhere like Joann's fabrics.
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I'm generally a fan of a super low cut light blue halter top and long skirt to pay homage to my favorite character, Margaery Tyrell. Combine with bronze rose motifs and brocade and it would be quite lovely.
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Print some sample chapters, scribble notes, inkblot and crumple the paper, stick the paper all over a bin-bag, tear holes in the bin bag for head and arms... et voila, you'll be The Winds of Winter.
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“A song of ice and fire”. Since it sounds like you’re a couple, it could be as simple as wearing blue/white and red/orange. You could incorporate a bag of ice and some matches or a lighter. I think if you go on theme but low key it could be funny.
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Dress in all-white (or even in a bed sheet toga), with maybe a bit of silvery glitter, tinsel, paper snowflakes or pompom snowballs attached here and there, and go as Winter. With preferably someone entering right before you to announce that you're coming.
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Maesters wear chains around their necks plus whatever clothes. Some kind of tunic or robe seems appropriate. They're supposed to be "forged links" so swag lamp chain, cheap hardware store rope tackle or maybe even large binder rings would work.

You could go as a peasant in rags and just complain bitterly about all the noble houses.

Fake up an arrow wound, dust yourself with baby powder and go as a Red Wedding Guest Ghost.

Dothraki costumes can be pretty minimal but the whole savage desert tribe thing is a little problematic.
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Red dress= Melisandre.
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Do one of those sandwich boards and be the book(cover).

Go as George RR Martin and do anything but write the last fucking book
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Dog mask, pregame thoroughly, take a bottle of shitty red wine = boom, you're the Hound
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just say that you're winter
and that everyone knew you were coming
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find a lightweight screen door and -- boom -- Hodor.
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Blond wig + blue dress = Daenerys
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Red dress + oversized wine glass = Early-seasons Cersei.
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(OP appears to be male, as far as I can tell? Not that one can't crossdress or present in other than their born gender.)

For perhaps the cheapest option, even rather than the screen door, buy this and when asked what you are, hold it up and say ...
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Black and white dichotomy dressing and transparent face mask and you are the Person with no Face.
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Ramsay Bolton/Snow costume: carry a snausage on a fork. Waggle it.
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Get a shirt that's a couple sizes too big. Pull it up so that your head is hidden below the collar. Boom: You're Eddard Stark.
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A shirt with NOTHING written on it. Say you're a friend of Jon's.
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Grab a large grey dress from ebay, cut out the neck line, and voila, you're the High Sparrow. A short grey wig could seal the deal, but not absolutely neccessary.
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