Looking for good videos of dancing
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I'm looking for short videos of impressive dance routines, for people who don't know much about dancing

My kids and I have lately taken to watching Youtube videos of good dance routines. We know nothing about dance; they are 3 and 6 and I am probably about as dance illiterate as it is possible to be in this culture. So I am not sure if what we call "good" would be what people who know anything would call good. I will instead just list some of the kinds of characteristics of videos we've found that have been hits.

- Big emotional music is nice, nothing too slow
- Impressive athleticism in the dancing: flips and acrobatics always go down well
- Videos no longer than five minutes
- Can be individuals or groups
- Complex choreography

As an indication of the kinds of things we've liked a lot:

Take me to church ballet dancer
Dance troupe on America's got talent

Any other great links I can share with the kids?
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Old Hollywood musicals are full of fun dances. Some classic examples: Moses Supposes from Singin' in the Rain, the ceiling dance from Royal Wedding, and the barn dance from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
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Fik-Shun rocks a World of Dance event with a brain-melting routine

Thom Yorke's medley of eccentric moves in the music video for "Lotus Flower", plus a spiritual sequel with interpretive dance partner Fukiko Takase in the video for "Ingenue"

Nonstop's incredibly liquid dancing (previously). Slightly over your time limit, but it's so good.

Electroswing dancing peppered with throwback vaudevillian gestures

More recently, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia made waves when one of the main characters came out to his dad in a spellbinding rain-slicked dance sequence set to haunting music

And an old MeFi favorite: Prisencolinensinainciusol, in which Italian singer Adriano Celentano and a vaguely unsettling troupe of dancers perform a gibberish song about universal love. Includes an early example of headbanging (in black and white!)
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Hellzapoppin with the Frankie Manning dance troupe.
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The Nicholas brothers in Stormy Weather check all your boxes.
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You want acrobatics? This is more contortionists, but try Solid Potato Salad.
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Locking & popping That's part of an annual competition called Battle of the Year (BOTY). So if you liked that video use that as a search term on youtube you find lots of cool dancing.
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Russ Tamblyn (Amber’s father) was an amazing acrobatic dancer. He’s in the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers clip above and was also in West Side Story. You can search his name on YouTube for more.
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Most of what Christopher Walken knows, he learned from Fred and Ginger.
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I find Pilobolus mesmerizing (here’s an example) and the bit I’ve seen of Diavolo is pretty fun.
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Search #kpopinpublic in youtube and you will find a ton of videos of amateurs and semi-pros doing some pretty complex choreography. Also a lot of kpop songs come with (official!) dance practice videos. Here's a taste so you can decide if it’s for you not: https://youtu.be/4A2U4Rhrkgk
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They might also like Bollywood dance scenes, which are often really fun but I haven't seen enough to know the best ones to suggest. Here's one, though! (Pinga from Bajirao Mastani).
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This is fun. Search term: Bhangra
Maritime Bhangra Group
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You need to see B-GIRL TERRA (6 Years Old) Vs B-BOY LEELOU . So amazing. Watch it not just for the sick moves, but for the amazing way everyone supports and celebrates the great moves. After that, watch this double battle where Terra will tell your kids to eat their fruits and veggies (though that only happens later in the video, so past your 5 min requirement).
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Here's a fairly athletic West Coast Swing performance: Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch. It's choreographed but still fundamentally partner dance; for a strictly improvised example (these people don't know their partner or the song), here's Benji Schwimmer & Malia San Nicolas.

For salsa: John and Andrew on America's Got Talent has a lot of athleticism.
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79 year old woman salsa dancing The whole video's 6:57, and absolutely worth watching, but just the dancing goes from about 1:00 and stops about 3:00.

If that wasn't enough, here's a 96 year old woman ballroom dancing. Actual dancing goes from 3:25 to 6::, whole video is 7:09, and absolutely worth watching.

Kenichi Ebina does "Dance-ish" performance. Blows me away every time I watch it. Which is like twice a month.

"Gravity" Wheelchair Dance by Marisa Hamamoto & Piotr Iwanicki makes me cry it's so beautiful and inspiring.

Chinese Ballet does Swan Lake. Another one where I'm blown away every time I watch. Which is also at least twice a month.
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Perhaps cheerleading? Real or in movies?
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I immediately thought of this viral video of PJ and Noah's first dance.
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Might enjoy youtube searches for acro rock and roll (it's a competitive discipline so there are thousands!), for example this one

Could also check out Latin formation dancesport. this one was a particularly memorable routine that won the world championships a couple of times!

Another possible search term is dancesport quickstep and look for the professional showdance routines!
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This early colour musical footage from Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) cuts out before the end of the song but if you skip the chatty intro and start about halfway through you'll see a glorious mishmash of chorus line, ballet, tap, acrobatics and something startlingly close to modern B boy stylings.
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A 1907 piece of slapstick, The Piano, set to modern musics. Directed by Alice Guy, a pioneer of cinema, nearly forgotten. The dancing isn't professional, but is totally energetic dancing around the livingroom. (Which, at 3:00&ff, seems to have not changed in a hundred years.)

Milena Siderova as THE SPIDER.

Polka dancers at a traditional wedding.

Daniel Cloud Campos, q.v.

Hip-Hop Tinikling

Russian mens' ballet corps doing unbelievable things with staves, plus other stuff

The Washington Ballet's hardest dance moves, narrated by the dancers
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Response by poster: These are so cool everyone!!!
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If you like tap dancing, there's the Tap Dance Archive on YouTube
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Fred Astaire considered this dance number by the Nicholas Brothers the most impressive dance routine ever. Every dancer I have ever shown this too has been flabbergasted. The move they do going down the stairs...? Unbelievable.
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What fun! Here are some wonderful ones that I don't think have been touched on yet:

Baryshnikov is always such fun, but here's a great one that showcases some other dancers too, has many athletic feats, and shows how ballet can be funny.

Gregory Hines (you can skip the first 1-2 minutes of him just singing)

Unfortunately not the best quality, but I think Alvin Ailey's Sinnerman (from the larger work Revelations) is one of the most exciting examples of the drama, athleticism, and emotion in modern dance.

If you want something a little lighter but in the same vein, try Wade in the Water, also from Revelations.

I'll try to come back with more!
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This Kenzo world ad with Margaret Qualley is always a fun watch.

Along with this random fella doing the cha-cha slide.
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one of my all time favorite things to watch, soloists from the Moscow ballet doing the Arabian dance from the Nutcracker
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Shirley Ellis : The Nitty Gritty
Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance (Really, we all need more Dave Brubeck in our lives.)
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this video shot under water blew my mind.

also, that kid in Sia's music videos is a fun dancer. Maddie?
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South Korean variety show Weekly Idol had an reoccurring segment called 2x Dance, in which the guests (various high profile k-pop groups) performed their choreographies at double speed. Quite insane stuff. Here's an hour long compilation. Personally I'm a big fan of NCT's dance routines, so I'd recommend this compilation video of their appearances as a taster!
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I'm a bit late to the party, but this tap-dancing video to Anna Kendrick's "Cups" song is a lot of fun.
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Maddie Ziegler and Travis Wall Begin at 7:24 for the polished routine. About two minutes. If you like this, Maddie is featured in Sia's Chandelier and Elastic Heart, but they are both heavyweight emotional content and set with some extraordinary dancing.
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