Products for next-day curly hair?
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What are your go-to styling products and tips for revitalizing next-day long curly hair, especially after sleeping on it?

Hey everyone! I'm a girl with curly/wavy hair that is looking for your styling products to use on DRY curly hair, especially for next-day curl hold, definition, and de-frizzing. I've used Diva Curl's lavender curl revitalizer, but want an option for totally dry hair,too. I've browsed some of the other questions, but want to get updates about possible new products.

Any tips on next-day curly hair (especially after sleeping on it) are also appreciated.

My 100+ day streak of pony tail style thanks you.
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I hope other people have better suggestions, but my second-day curls look best if I use a curling iron on just a few pieces in the top layer.
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Few questions: what’s your current wash routine? How do you wear your hair while you sleep?
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My hair is on the thick, wavy end, so not sure if this would work for you but I very lightly dampen my hair by wetting my hands a couple times under the faucet and scrunch all hair towards my scalp. Then I take a little bit of product (either Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Bed Head's Thickifier) and scrunch that into the damp hair (the product gets a little diluted with the remaining water on my hands which helps disperse it into the barely-damp hair). This has been enough to refresh any wave I've lost by sleeping on it overnight. And then it immediately gets squashed again under a bike helmet.
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I am firmly in the zero-maintenance camp, so I air dry my hair every day. Do you? If you do, I have pretty good success with wetting my hair with a spray bottle of water and using a tiny bit more of my first-day product.
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Best answer: Akin to the comment above...

I use a diy aloe water spray on the second day that I devised after reading some curly hair conversations online. It works amazingly well for reviving my wavy/loose curls, and it's super-cheap (you can buy versions of it too, if you prefer - I'm happy enough with the diy that I don't see any reason to spend more).

From what I read, some people use aloe vera juice mixed with a bit of water, or they purchase aloe vera water. I just combine roughly 1/2 tsp or of aloe vera gel with 3oz distilled water in a little spray bottle and shake it up (this is not a very precise proportion).

On a morning I'm not showering, I just spritz the aloe water all over until my hair is slightly damp (no where near soaked), gently scrunch, and I'm good to go. Since your hair is long though, you might want to spray all over and then wrap your hair up for a bit - I suspect weightlessness while drying would help the waves/curls take shape.

(I should add - this is in combination with using curly-oriented conditioner-ish shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel on shower days - all of those definitely help keep the curls going through the days that follow.)
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I wet my hands in the tap and scrunch my hair - so it's not thoroughly soaked but just kinda damp at the ends (not the roots) - then put a buttload of (normal not leave-in) conditioner in and scrunch it all up.
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I have long loose curls, somewhere between curl type 3A and 3B, and I've found that sleeping in a satin sleep bonnet has done wonders for my next-day curly hair. It also has the added benefit of not getting stuck under my shoulders when I sleep, and not tickling my partner's face if we're spooning. Super glad I bought one!

As for styling, I usually just dampen it slightly and scrunch towards my scalp, as described by previous posters.
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I put a pump of this Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream in dry hands, then wet my hands and rub them together to distribute the product. I scrunch upwards all over (dry) next-day curls and it makes everything look fresh.

You might also find some good resources at Hair Romance; I really like her tutorials for next-day hair, styling curls, and wet hair styles.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions so far! I am very low maintenance, and just air-dry when I wash it-currently just 2 or 3 times a week. My texture is dry and coarse. I am willing to put about 5-8 minutes of effort into my hair in the morning, so I'm not looking for miracles, just help to get it presentable if I wear it down or half-up.

Right now I just sleep with it down, which leads to unpredictable hair in the morning. Any recs on a specific satin sleep bonnet??
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Scrunching with a wet washcloth can work wonders. For bonus points you can also scrunch in a little extra conditioner.
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One thing to look into overall is the Curly Girl method. Cutting out on sulfates and silicones in your hair products can help retain moisture in your hair and prevent frizz. Knowing your hair porosity (here, I'm linking to one in a series of videos on the subject by this hairstylist) can help determine which products to use.

Do you use any styling products? If not, your hair may be well defined on wash day but not have enough hold to last beyond that. It would help hold your curl definition for the next day to use something.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase (you can find them in all price ranges on amazon) will help your hair not frizz overnight. You can also, in addition to a silk pillowcase, pineapple your hair, if your hair is long enough, to keep your definition. Or, you can pull your hair into a Buff to not flatten out your curls or lose definition and gain frizz. The buff works well on shorter hair, too. A sleep bonnet could work, but I haven't had success with them as they flatten out and elongate my curls to nothing.
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When my hair was long, I got a Q-Redew when they first came out, on the rec of my curl-only hairdresser. It was really useful!
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I use a Buff and it works great! Sleep bonnets make my hair look like I felted it.
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Response by poster: Also, I currently use a lot of products after washing my hair--Oi all in one milk spray, Davine's This is a Curl Building serum, and Miss Jessie's jelly soft curls or LIing Proof Frizz Free leave-in. I think my hair could stand a stronger gel, especially if I want to get 2 days of wear out of a wash.

I am using curly-girl methods of a microfiber towel, sulfate-free products, only shampooing once a week, and getting a good haircut from a curly stylist.

I've never though of a buff--that might be great!
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Best answer: I'm seeing that both the Oi All in One Milk Spray and the Davine's This is a Curl Building serum has amodimethicone, a silicone, which will build up on your hair over time. It's not water soluble, so it's hard to wash off unless you're using a sulfate shampoo (especially if you're only shampooing once a week), and will prevent moisture from entering your hair over time.

Your Oi All in One Milk Spray, Davine's This is a Curl Building serum, and Miss Jessie's jelly soft curls all have glycerin. Glycerin is extremely dependent on humidity. Too much might cause over-moisturized hair and low humidity levels can cause frizz. Depending on the weather where you are, you might have mixed results. Here's some information on dew points, curly hair, and what products to use and avoid.

I would suggest experimenting with other products, stopping the ones with silicones, and trying out a styler that has stronger hold.

Also, depending on your hair porosity, you might either want to use your microfiber more or less. It's about whether it makes sense to leave more water in your hair when adding stylers. Here's where knowing your hair porosity helps. Drying your hair with a microfiber towel might be removing too much moisture from your hair. Again, I recommend watching The Curl Ninja's video series on porosity to understand the impact it has on your hair and how shampoo and conditioner plays a big role in it.

Another thing: Consider just trying a bunch of new wash day techniques to see what method works for you and consider starting a hair journal in order to figure out which products and techniques reduces frizz and ups the definition. If you're looking for new techniques to try, check out Jannelle O'Shaughnessy, real life+curly girl, bosscurl, powerdomi, curlicue_lu, to name a few of my faves. While some of them have techniques that are quite extensive, I always learn something that I test out in my own routine.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your reply, vivzan! I didn't realize so many of my products have glycerin and silicone how it could affect your hair. I just ordered Deva Curl's defining cream and a stronger hold gel, and I'm going to check how that works out. I appreciate your detailed answer and links!
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