Audio auto sensing?
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I have a soundbar with 3 inputs: some sort of optical, 3.5mm and one other I don't recall. The switching between inputs on this bar is annoying. Is there a device I can put in front of the soundbar that can automatically switch input devices and have only output that I'll then connect to the soundbar?
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I think the normal thing to do is to connect the soundbar to either a AV Reciever, or directly to the TV, and have that component do the switching. Some TVs have an optical output that can be used for this purpose.

What are the devices connected to your soundbar, and what outputs do they have? That will limit the options you have.
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@vuwtze I've got a TV connecting to it, but also other audio sources (like an apple airplay 2 thingie). I want sound bar to play from TV mostly, but if it sense audio from airplay 2, I'd like it to play that.
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You could get a Logitech Harmony and setup profiles for your activities (eg TV, Apple Thingy, etc) and add the input switch for your sound bar. This is how I handle switching between my Roku, Broadcast TV, sound playback, etc.
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If all the inputs are 3.5mm, then a small passive audio mixer could do the trick. You plug all your audio sources into the mixer, and they are all combined into s single output that goes to your soundbar.

This cheap headphone splitter will apparently also act as a mixer;:
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