short curly feminine hair-Get-out-of-my-face haircut?
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haircut help filter: I'm looking for pictures of short feminine curly haircuts that ( comes the snowflake...) don't have hair falling into the face. halp?

For some reason most women's haircuts seem to have hair falling right over the eyes (WTF. I LIKE seeing what I'm doing). Screw that. I'm looking for a haircut that not only doesn't come into my eyes - it won't fall onto my forehead, temples or cheeks even in the midst of a hurricane.

Besides that, we're talking short (HOT summer short. nothing on the neck or the ears), curly bordering wavy and feminine.

Any ideas? (BTW doesn't have to be contemporary. ANY era is fine. also ok with indie or asymmetric hairstyles. can be toddler inspired. ANY age is fine. Please go wild and far with suggestions!) Thanks!!!
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Response by poster: If it helps, the only thing I've come up with is this and this (from WIP hairport), but my hair is a little curlier than theirs and probably will go up awkwardly in the front.
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I have shortish wavy to curly hair and when I cut it short enough that I couldn't tuck it behind my ears I started wearing little elastic or fabric headbands. Have you tried that? They're pretty subtle, available in any grocery store and help a lot.
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First thing I thought of was Halle Berry's curly pixie which also looked pretty great IMO at a longer length. Maybe those can help be a starting point for you, good luck!
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No pictures, but an friend in college had her hair cut the way you described and did as charmedimsure described- little head bands to keep it out of her face. It was very pretty.
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Response by poster: pins and bands pretty much drive me crazy (also because they get stuck on my glasses), but thanks for the suggestion!
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This one is pretty cute, I think.

And a few more. Try "curly pixie" as a search term.
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Check out "Audrey Tautou short hair" on Google Images, and then click on "related Images".
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Pixie-wearer here: something you may not know if you haven't cut your hair short in the past 4-6 years is what your curl does without length/weight. I'm a 3C at shoulder-length and just made entirely out of cowlicks with a pixie - which is fine, it responds very well to a flat iron (or blow-dryer, though I'm prone to floofiness) and I'm done and out the door in 4 minutes.

I would recommend starting with the Audrey Tatou pixie which has a teensy bit of all-over length but not quite long enough for Annie curls if it turns out you have bounce, give your hair 6-8 weeks to get over the shock and show its true colors, and then decide if you need to accommodate sharp curls or waves.

I actually do cut mine in a longer front but generally wear it pushed or swept back. If I've put in product, it'll pretty much stay where I put it, but it's definitely not windproof.
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Another useful search phrase might be "super-short pixie cut." Morena Baccarin is someone who has worn her curly hair short and hurricane-proof in the past.

I second Lyn Never's advice to consider an experimental phase if you haven't cut your hair to this length before.
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I don't have specific suggestions for a haircut, but I do recommend searching on Pinterest for this, not the regular open web. It seriously is an amazing resource for real world pictures of haircuts and their algorithms aren't bad. My hair stylist recommended it and I signed up for Pinterest just for this purpose and it was amazing. She likes it when people show her pictures of the kind of haircut they want.

Search on Pinterest!
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I found photos of Rihanna with a grown out version of the cut you're describing by looking up short curly crops.

This is another one that may be on the longer side, but a good reference photo for your stylist. Or this page for a variety of looks.

Also consider the amount of hair you have and the density of your hair strands (coarse, medium or fine) it'll be a factor in the tightness of your curl as you cut it shorter. The shorter it goes, the tighter the curls tend to go.
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I suggest getting a mini hair straighter or mini hair curler for short hair.
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of course, a straightener will curl.
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What type of curly hair do you have? Most of the styles in these photos are relaxed or straightened, but if your hair is a type 2, or maybe even a 3A, you might not need a relaxer. If you have a 3C or a 4, these styles aren't going to look like this on you. So if you can give us more info about your hair type, that will probably help narrow it down, especially if you're looking for low maintenance styles that don't require chemicals or daily heat styling.
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Response by poster: (don't know if anyone's still here but) my hair type is curly bordering on wavy so I'm guessing that somewhere between 2C and 3A. That means it will stay in place up to half an inch length. Over that it goes outwards awkwardly in all directions until reaching an inch and a half, when it starts forming soft curls.
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I still stand by my suggestion to go with the Audrey for now, however if you are like me and get really irritated at needing a haircut every month (depending on whether yours grows like crazy or not, I guess) you could start with the Anne Hathaway and let it grow to Audrey length, and then start over.

You can probably even use the same products at both lengths; the same putty or gel that sleeks it out a little for the very short cut will provide a little weight for the .5-1" range to it lays down in waves.
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