Hope me: finding a contemporary Chinese artist, black inkwash landscapes
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I know this is an almost impossible ask, but about 15 years ago I came across a thrift store book of paintings by a contemporary Chinese artist who works in black ink. The pieces were often expansive landscapes with small human figures but stylistically they had a decidedly loose, bleed-y, "happy accident" feel rather than the tightly controlled landscapes you often see. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would see if anyone had any possible leads. I lost the book and it's kind of haunted me since.
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Recently I went to the New Networks:Contenporary Chinese art at the Dunedin art gallery - there was a video install -Brain Storm- by Jennifer Wen Ma, who is probably too recent but that page has a link to a 2009 WaPo article -
Dawson, Jessica. “An intriguing idea that’s only half thought-out.”- with short descriptions of a number of post 2000 Chinese ink artists including chen shaoxiong who has a number of ink works with human figures
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