Can you help me find a particular "Numa Numa" video?
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Can you help me find a particular "Numa Numa" video? I saw it last year and can't seem to find it again!

I'm looking for a very particular "Numa Numa" video. It's a white guy lip synching, and it seemed very well done. I can outline most of it. The guy's earbud falls out in one of the opening scenes, and he repeatedly runs into a glass door. He ends up dancing with a rake, and jumping over a fence, and driving some sort of four wheeler. He then plays in a "bad part of town" type area, and then dances on a busy street corner with traffic. The guy had a short little nickname featured in the video, with animations or something of him being attacked by a gigantic bee. I assume nickname was for a forum of some sort.

This is a few steps up from "Do you remember this story?" but if anyone can find it, it'd be here.

The guy said there was a higher resolution available if you emailed him or something. Bonus points if you can find that.
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first couple of hundred results of "numa numa" on google should do the trick.
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...and go ahead and beat me with something heavy for posting without reading the more inside... sorry about that.
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I don't have the time to go through them individually, but Wikipedia might save the day again.
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Doesn't look like it, unfortunately.
posted by adamwolf at 4:32 PM on February 18, 2006

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