If you look closely, you can even see Hillary Clinton's nostrils flare.
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Looking for a funny public apology video.

Several years ago I remember seeing a video (it might have been on tv, might have been online, I don't remember) of a bunch of clips from the public apologies of famous men (mostly athletes and politicians, I think) who have cheated on their wives.

The focus wasn't on the men so much as the women, who all had the same, tight-lipped death glare as they stood by their husbands' sides. It was really funny. And, you know, sad and stuff. But mostly funny.

I think it came out shortly after the whole Kobe Bryant thing, but before the Tiger Woods thing.

I would like to find this video again. Any ideas?


Yes, I'm pretty sure this was an actual video of clips, and not a few screen shots like the one time they did that in the show Lie to Me.
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Sounds like something the daily show put together, but not more than a year ago...
posted by Brent Parker at 12:05 AM on March 18, 2011

Is this what you're looking for?
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure that's not it. I would've remembered the turquoise lady-suit dude.

I've only watched the Daily Show a handful of times, so while it's possible it was a DS video that I saw out of context, it probably was from something else.
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Might it possibly be a scene in this documentary?
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