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I recently saw a video online where someone was talking about how the wording of certain questions or phrases can have drastic effects on how people respond to them. They used the example of an opt-in vs. an opt-out system for organ donation. I need to find this video!

I can't remember much more about the video, but it's right there on the tip of my brain. It was definitely a man giving the talk, and it maybe have been on TED or a similar website.

There was an audience, and the exchange involved the presenter asking why there was such a disparity between nations with high donation rates vs. those with low donations rates, Several audience members guessed, but someone finally got it right.

Please help me find this! Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Choice architecture is one of Richard Thaler's signature topics (Authors@Google). Dan Ariely mentions it in his standard talk, too (it's about 11m 30s in the video).
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Read Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein as well.
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Getting the results you want.
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