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I am looking for software to make a mix of a bunch of MP3's to subsequently burn onto a CD. I do not have any turntables, so Final Scratch is out of the question. Furthermore, I am not really looking for a piece of 'performance' software like Mixman, or Virtual DJ. Something more a long the lines of ACID that allows me to drag and drop tracks and adjust the BPM to match up the beat. I have actually done this in ACID but the BeatMapper functionality required to pull this off is rather clunky and it takes a long time to compose a 1 hour mix. Is there easy to use 'editing' software to make myself a mix?
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For windows, you might want to check this previous Ask.Mefi thread.
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I use Audacity, particularly their newest one, although unstable [save often] has some pretty good features. The tempo shift function is pretty nice, it lets you enter the original bpm and the desired bpm and then it does the rest of the work. It's probably more work than other programs, but it's free and once you get it down it's simple.


In fact I just finished an electronic mix last night. If you want I can send it out to you.
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Ableton live does exactly what you are looking for. Download the free demo from their website.
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Ableton Live is expensive, but you can get a lite version with some controllers. Also check out Traktor.
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Is MixMeister too much 'performance' for you?
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