Best soundsystem in NYC?
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What is the best soundsystem in NYC in terms of bass?

Just got into bass heavy dubstep. Love that bass.
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In a club?
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I think he's asking which club.

This is actually an interesting question. If you're into just pure bass, columbia university (or NYU, or some big machine shop) might have a large laser cutting machie, many of which can be configured to act as massive subwoofers. But that's probably not what you were asking for...
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Dunno about the actual soundsystem, but club Rothko seems to be the place in NYC for grime/dubstep. I am guessing that if Digital Myztiks will grace the venue with their presence, the system can't be half bad.
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Pacha is meant to be good.
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After some digging I came across this gem. Which references Twilo's old sound system as being one of the best in the US. I can cofirm this to be true, after watching innumerable international DJs there. John Digweed was infamous for running off stange into the middle of room mid-set just to hear his favorite records played "right". Technically, it is probably still the best soundsystem in New York for bass, but the problem is whoever bought it up hasn't opened up their new club yet.

From the cached Phazon Site:
Phazon has become synonomous with quality. No other sound system provides that heart stopping sub-base with no aural irritation. Patrons in facilities equipped with Phazon are awed by the depth and level of sound without ever complaining about the ear fatigue feature so common in other sound systems. Directional Sound Focus, a specialty of Phazon systems allows maximum sound reproduction on the dance floor, yet allows for normal conversational volume only a few meters away within the same room. Patrons often speak of being "enveloped" in the Phazon sound and, when it is time to sit and chat or purchase a drink, the trip to the seating or bar allows for easy communication. No throbbing headaches or muffled hearing after a night of Phazon! No other system can make that claim.

Quite a claim.
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Twilo was the best, hands down, bar none. Wednesday nights with Groove Armada residency in the small room was...sublime.

Cielo's ok as is Pacha. But if they ain't playing what you want then no matter. Go to where they spin what you like, which sounds like Rothko.
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Amazingly enough, I managed to find the Infamous Twilo Phazon Sound System. It ended up in Club Shelter (don't click that link unless your ready for some truly horrible house music). Just goes to show, it's not necessarily about the system, but about the music.
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Twilo - hands down...although I haven't been in NYC for about a year to go clubbing, the system there is AWESOME
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The same guy who did (IIRC) Twilo's sound system (may have ben the Limelight, I can't remember) is also responsible for the heartstoppingly beautiful sound at the Guvernment/Kool Haus complex here in Toronto. (The Guv sound; Kool Haus is more of a concert-ish venue, and the sound changes from gig to gig). Come for a visit; you won't be disappointed. What amazes me most about the sound system is that any time they have a DJ in, there's a sound tech sitting in the booth who has the responsibility of making sure they don't overdrive it. I've actually seen him reach out and turn down the bass when Tiesto, PVD, Corsten, and -- bugger, can't remember the other one -- were playing. It's exquisitely balanced, and gets retuned every year.
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The top three back in the day was:
Fabric (England)
Twilo (NYC)
Stereo (Montreal)
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