Online source for plus-size underwear: Canada, not Amazon
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I need to get plus-size underwear for someone who has mobility issues. Online would be best - but we're in Canada: what are my options other than Amazon?

We want to get plain cotton and/microfibre. She is a grandmother and would prefer "grandma panties" to anything sexy / high cut. I would go to Sears but they are gone from my area; the Bay tends to be quite expensive.

There's Winners (bit hit and miss), but given her mobility issues, online shopping would be ideal, but are there any places in Canada that sell online, other than Amazon? (Avoiding Amazon for reasons). I don't suppose Best Buy sells underwear?

*Please keep your suggestions to Canadian options; the US has a lot of stores which do not sell to Canada
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Penningtons is a plus size canadian store and they sell online. I believe they have full coverage underwear.
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I personally like the underwear from Penningtons. I find their underwear very comfortable, they wash up very well and last quite a long time. They are a Canadian company, so no worrying about shipping from the US.
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Depending on her size, Walmart carries Hanes and just my size online. Up to 3x reliably.

Giant Tiger is also a decent source but not inline.
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Just a word of advice on Penningtons -- their underwear is on sale for either X for $Y or 50% off at least 75% of the time. If you visit the website and it is not on sale, wait a week and try again, rather than buying full price underwear.

Other options: sells the basic Hanes / Fruit of the Loom style underwear, though not in very big plus sizes -- if you're on the smaller end of plus, they should have something. Though if you're avoiding Amazon, I'm guessing you might also be avoiding WalMart. ships from Canada to Canada, and they're all over the basic cotton brief as a product.
posted by jacquilynne at 8:17 AM on September 3, 2018 is Canadian/ships to Canada as well. Most of their stuff is definitely not granny panties, but if you filter for boyshorts or hipsters you may find something workable.
posted by cgg at 8:28 AM on September 3, 2018 is a sister site to where I get all my skivvies, and they have most of the same catalog. I personally love these specific boxer-briefs, and their high-cuts are preferable to the "brief" or "full cut" if you have a thicker upper thigh.
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