Hobbies which use 130-size 6V brushed DC motors?
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I'm looking for powerful 130 size 6V brushed DC hobby motors. The power and pricing of these motors seem to have evolved separately in different hobby communities. I'm looking for as many of those communities as possible. So far I've found robotics, RC cars, and nerf guns. Who am I missing? And - if you happen to know - what are the current top-end 130-size 6V motors in that community?
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From my while in hobby electronics, the SolarBotics RM2 is pretty much always the top performer. You'll have to consider 130s semi-disposable if you run 'em at 6V, though. They're so cheap because they're made by the billion every year and have very specific operating requirements.

They are so cheap at wholesale, however, it's almost worth buying the cheap ones in bulk and replacing them very frequently.
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Good call, scruss, though so far it looks like the nerf gun people are winning. Based on the specs I've been able to find so far, the SolarBotics RM2 is down with the Stock Stryfe 3S on this graph, while the best nerf gun 130s (like the "Fang Revamped") are up around where the Titan Hyperion 2S is on that graph.

Now I just need to find tiny brushed ESCs that won't burn out on a motor with a 28A stall current...
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The reason I suggested SolarBotics is that Dave has been doing motory things for at least the last 20 years and knows his suppliers well. Unless you're doing exactly the same nerf gun application, those more expensive motors may not be worth your time. Especially when all it takes is someone with an industrial inkjet to spray "MTB Honey Badger" on a generic motor body and pocket the difference
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