Where do people sell things locally, these days?
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I recently moved to a new apartment (in San Jose, CA), and have two free-standing portable AC units and a space heater from my old place that I'd like to sell or otherwise get rid of. They're both in great condition (one less than a year old, smoke free environment, etc). I've tried posting to Craigslist but got no bites, even for less than half of the retail price. Where are people selling things online these days?

I'd like to get SOMETHING for them, but considering they're just taking up space and getting in the way of unpacking more, I'd also accept "charity that will pick them up for free as a donation." They won't fit in my car so I need someone to pick them up here, for better or for worse.
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Craigslist listed as “free” or on Freecycle. Both have quick responses in San Jose. I’ve found that people will pay very little or nothing for many used items.
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It’s not really the season for either of these. If you do want to get some money out of it, I would re-list on Craigslist after the first really cold week this winter. And wait until the first really hot week next year to re-list the A/C’s. If the goal is to get rid of them now, then yes, list for free in the free section or see if your local Habitat has a restore in your area that picks up donations.
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Neighborhood Facebook groups, in particular buy nothing groups.
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On Facebook, look for your neighborhood or city name along with Buy/Sell or the like. If you want to give them away, look for your local Buy Nothing group. Finding those links just now, though, and seeing the numbers of people in the groups, would lead me to believe that your community isn't as active as mine.
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You could try NextDoor.
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Facebook Marketplace. Just put "Marketplace" in the Facebook search, and it will sort available stuff by location. It also gives you a prompt to sell something. It works well, at least in my area..
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Welcome to San Jose. I usually quickly unload my stuff on Craigslist, however, the lack of response to your ads makes me suspect they aren't competitively priced. Go way cheaper, you are competing with a lot of other people unloading their nice stuff due to the constant cycle of "people move here to work in tech, kit out their apartments with stuff paid for with their generous salaries, decide to move elsewhere now that they've gotten a FAANG on their resume, dump all of their possessions on CL for next to nothing."
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Varagesale app/marketplace seems hot in my area, ymmv.
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also have not gotten much bites from items on craigslist, but posting same thing to facebook marketplace has usually succeeded in finding a buyer!
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If you want to give them away try calling Habitat for Humanity Silicon Valley. They don't say aire conditions are unwanted, I suggest calling them first.
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I give things away on Nextdoor. Other people seem to charge successfully; it will probably help if you have decent photos and list the specific model numbers.
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Welcome to the neighborhood!! I have very bad luck on Craigslist, have sold things with good success on NextDoor. Make sure you have photos and that the items look clean in the photos and they should go. Space heater will be hard to get rid of while it's still so hot, though! Put it in a closet until Thanksgiving.
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Facebook "yard sale" type groups is where I see this type of thing most often. List them for a low price and if that doesn't work find the local freecycle group and label them "no holds, FCFS" (first come first served).
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In my experience trying to get rid of things for free is inviting the very worst people into your life. You will get so many no-shows, late and just plain inconsiderate contacts that it will destroy your faith in humanity. If things got to go it quick I would consider it worthwhile to rent a truck for $20 to take them to a charity shop rather than deal with the kind of randos that "free" tends to attract.

I've found asking a reasonable price leads to reasonable custom. If things don't sell I just slowly walk the price week by week.
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