It glowed! I swear!
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I spent a few days recently up at Lake George, New York, on the east side of the lake, a good distance up. While enjoying the campfire, I noticed an odd, blue-white, TINY light.

It came and went; I thought it was firelight reflected perhaps on a dewdrop. But as I watched it, it would glow and then stop (much like a firefly, but much smaller and whiter, as opposed to yellow). My companions were all mocking me - I even tried using a flashlight on the exact spot, but could find nothing obvious (though the area was all tiny mosses, leaves, and plants). I tried looking things up, but nothing seemed to fit, except perhaps this, but it's talked about in Peru. I figured the hivemind here would have a much better chance at explaining this bug to me. It was very tiny, which is why I thought it was a dew drop at first, if that helps. And I watched more than one move about, slowly (though not very close together). Thank you!
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Possibly you were seeing firefly larvae. This article is about glow-worms, but firefly larvae glow also, particularly when moving about.
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I don't know exactly what you saw but there are many bioluminescent creatures in the forest. Even fireflies can do a much slower blink when the weather gets cooler.

Because of your location one possibility is firefly larvae or glowworms.
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Maybe one of these?
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I think firefly larvae are more likely, but it's also possible you saw foxfire.
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Spiders' eyes are reflective and glow when the light hits them just right. Maybe this is why your friends didn't see it!
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