Quirky, Indie Greeting Cards
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I hate most greeting cards with a passion. So kitschy! So middlebrow! Suppose I've exhausted all my Rifle Paper Company and David Shrigley options over the years. Where else can I find well-designed cards that are not the usual Hallmark schlock?
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I like Greenwich Letterpress I find they have some cute cards.
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I think you might dig some of the cards from egg press.
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I go to Etsy for this. I like letterpress cards because of the tactile interest and handmade feel, so I usually search “letterpress card” and the occasion. It’s not super cheap, but there are tons of great options.
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I love Emily McDowell's cards.
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I go into a nice bookstore or somewhere else that sells nicer greeting cards and find the art ones that are blank inside and write my own message.
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I came in here to recommend Emily McDowell, who has a card for literally everything. But I also like the new Papyrus line, Bird & Quill. They have an indie feel but are easy to pick up at Target.
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I've bought some from Lucky Horse Press recently that I've really enjoyed, if you like a neon retro sensibility.
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This was a Mother's Day-specific ask, but you might find some helpful card company suggestions here.
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Thirding Emily McDowell.

It can take some sifting through, but I do find some great cards on Ohh Deer.
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Blue Barnhouse letterpress. Most of them are kind of...edgy? Great for friends, not great for grandma.
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These are all fantastic! Keep 'em coming! I'll never run out of cards now.
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Charles van Sandwyck if you're going for gorgeous, refined and surprisingly affordable!
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I really liked this "check all that apply" anniversary card, one of 40(!) "notorious" checkbox cards from Archelaus. When the store I originally bought their cards closed I had a minor panic.
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I have had good luck with Little Otsu.
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I like Love Pop cards for when I want to go a little above "just a card" but don't have an idea for a good gift.
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I like Big Wheel Press (they have mini cards, too). And I have one of their broadsides framed and hung in my apartment.
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I really like E. Frances Paper.
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I get plain cards, ones that have no writing inside. Though it seems like the outlets for cards are shrinking, both in size (and therefore range) as well as number. Like assenav, I often end up with Papyrus.
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Punk Paperie has some great cards if they work with your sense of humor!
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Every city I've lived in or visited, even smaller ones, has had a local paper/card shop that has excellent unusual and creative cards (often, but not always, letterpress), so hunt down yours. Or if your city is the exception, hunt down shops when you travel and stock up. I can make recommendations in the SF Bay Area, Portland, Boston, and Denver.
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Bespoke Letterpress yes, please and thank you
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I've lately developed a great fondness for Sacred Bee cards.
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I am devoted to Trader Joe's cards. They are $1. They are illustration heavy but usually it's a very nice illustration and the messages inside (if it's not blank) are generally kind and cheerful without belaboring the point. Every time I go to TJs, I check their stock and grab ones that look good. At $1 a pop, why not?
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I like the in depth topics available at fomato cards and Liz Climo has cards available in major retail stores.
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Able and Game are quirky designers based in Melbourne.
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