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Who is making great greeting cards, especially for Mother's Day? I'm totally fine with blank cards, but I'm specifically looking for birds, fairies, flowers? Pop up, but classy? Or some sort of papercraft, or on wood, or just something that won't be found in chain stores?

A mother who gets a card from me values them more than the gift. I'd spend up to $25 (with shipping) for something special. The message should be general and not "My mom, you're a perfect mom, the best mom," etc if it's not blank. I have looked all over Etsy so only suggest people there if it's a seller you've used, please.
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These were pretty awesome pop-up cards for Mother's Day, or from here and literally "not on the high street". You can get wooden pop-up cards here. Basically stick to UK card shops for better quality.
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I love Rigel Stuhmiller's work. She's a California printmaker/illustrator who specializes in flowers and birds, and my mom and I have shared her calendars from a couple thousand miles apart for a few years now. No fancy pop-ups, but her art is gorgeous, unique, and affordable. From our very brief communication, she's a really nice person too.
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In case you are in a pinch, I found my pop up Mother’s Day card in a bookstore. It is by Up With Paper.
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I love buying cards on Etsy. Here are some I've successfully received and liked:

Amber Alexander has gorgeous watercolor animals, including Olive the flapper/squirrel, and the sad little kitten whose homework is too difficult (partial message: "What kind of a teacher would give a kitten a problem like this?"). Oh, and a painting (on a card) of a bear sweetly embracing a little girl. They're really great. The colors are dark and rich, and they have a gothic/fantastic feeling.

Lucy Campbell's art also has a rich, sweet, tender, fantastic feel, and also has a lot of animals and people together. Very loving implicit stories. Something about the art seems vaguely Slavic, but maybe that's just me.

Finally, this art tile company has also made some cards out of one of their tile designs, and I really liked it. Birds, blue, pretty rich colors.
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I have only bought in-person from Dragonflies and Cards (, can’t link from my phone for some reason this morning) so I can’t speak to delivery speed, but the card was gorgeous and well received.
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Also, Pomegranate Press has very interesting artist cards selections. Tons of flowers, but also this adorable baby otter on the tummy of a parent otter floating in the water.
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Whole Foods often has nice cards, including handmade.
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I buy a lot of cards made by Papyrus. I find them IRL at nice grocery stores and I think at Target. Hmmm, apparently they have their own stores too!
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Gwen Frostic!
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Apparently I shop for cards a lot:

Ten Thousand Villages has some exquisite handmade cards from interesting places and people. If you can go into a store, I recommend it, but it's probably worth shopping online if you must.

Of course, you could always buy allison00's big box of stamping supplies and make something.
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A local Asian-import stationery store near me has some gorgeous cut paper pop-up cards. You could try calling the store to ask if they ship, or check out your own local Japanese stationery store, or order online (I don't know if this particular source is reputable, but the image will give you an idea of what kind of card I'm talking about).
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I've found some beautiful quilled cards at museum and botanical garden shops. I'm not sure where you are, but here are some at Etsy and Papyrus.
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