Know some good lamps?
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I am an artist. I broke an old lamp that I used as my main light when drawing and coloring. Can you please suggest some cool lamps you know?

Given that the tasks I use the lamp for (drawing/coloring 70%, reading 30 percent%), I'm looking for lamps that use fluorescent light bulb (if that info matters; I don't know lamps, maybe they all are compatible for all light bulb types nowadays).
My budget: $40 - $60 (maybe $100 if the lamp is REALLY cool or talks).

-Thanks in advance :D
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Biru, the OP is specifically asking for the best lamps we know, not just any lamps. Also, if you were going to link to google, why not at least post the search results for lamps?! Not very helpful.

Personally, I like this one.
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I'm a painter/artist and use something very close to this light (tripod 1000-Watt Halogen) for when I'm working which I picked up for about $30 at local hardware store. I've never had an issue and it allows me almost full daylight-like light to ensure i'm mixing the right colors. The only issue I could think is that it runs very hot, so it's not so great on steamy nights, but still I need it to ensure I get everything correct.
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It clearly is not for just reading by, but I'm throwing in with the art camp here if anyone needs a similar recommendation for art work.
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I like Ott lights - I have two in my studio - one floor and one clamp-on. They're full spectrum lights with nicely movable heads. Downside = specialty bulbs but I haven't had to replace one yet and have had them for years (and blow regular and fluorescent bulbs all the time given our crappy over-driven electricity. Much cheaper to buy Ott lights at a sewing place than an art supply one in my experience - try Joann.
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I also love Ott lights and haven't had to change the bulb in 4 years. The lamps are kind of expensive, but the light is great for preventing eye strain and great for color work. They go on sale periodically, so keep an eye on the Joann circulars.
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Oh! Just went o leslies' link - looks like they're on sale now. Maybe I need another...
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Thank you so much for your input boys and girls! Very helpful indeed. I think I'm gonna go for that Ott lamp (the others were pretty cool too. I will consider the tripod when I move into a bigger space...

I fuckin' love metafilter.
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I use Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp They are quite expensive but are well worth it. They can be dimmed and you can get a warm or cool light.
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