Looking for depression related blogs
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Blogs on depression/by people suffering from depression

I am looking for blogs that mainly focus on personal experiences with depression or wherein depression plays a huge part in the blogger's life and this fact is reflected in his/her writings. Also blogs by doctors or other medical practioners in this area would be welcomed.

Blogs that are also well written and explore the topic at a deeper level would be a definite bonus.
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LiveJournal members with an interest in depression. No comment.
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Response by poster: WCityMike : Actually I am looking blogs all over the spectrum, in all the categories that you've mentioned in your post.

Since a lot of clinically depressed people are also on Ask.MeFi, I just want to know of blogs that they might be reading regularly or even writing for.

Thanks for clearing up the issue further.
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The inimitable Heather Armstrong of Dooce.com fame has written extensively (and sometimes irreverently) about her struggles with depression and anxiety, including a severe bout of post-partum depression that landed her in the hospital for a while. Check out the index of her "depression" tagged posts.
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This is a blog about someone dealing successfully with depression, but it hasn't been updated in a few months. However, it does have some links to other blogs.
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Bitch, PhD, blogs about her depression from time to time. The search function for blogger seems to be broken - I used Google to find this post. If I recall correctly, she talked about it a good deal during the summer/fall of 2005, but unless the search function for blogger is fixed, you may have to wade through the archives to find some of it.
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Heather's husband, Jon at blurbomat.com has had some interesting and enlightening posts on the topic of depression as well.
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While it's not a blog, crazymeds and crazyboards have some great first-person accounts of dealing with depression.
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Homeless Guy
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Erm, well, for a time I kept a bit of a blog that I reflects how depressed I was/am. Also, I have a couple of other links that would fit your description, but I'm not sure the authors would appreciate having a lot of random attention drawn to them. If you don't plan to use these links in a way that would draw such attention, I'll gladly email them to you, but I don't see an email in your profile.
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Response by poster: In response to flavor's post, I would like to add that I am looking for these blogs for my personal reading only, as someone also dealing with the big D.
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Procovery might be useful. I saw a link to it from a photo on Flickr this morning.
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Secondhandsuicide.com was a blog, posted on Metafilter some time ago, about a widow coming to terms with her anger and depression resulting from her husband's suicide, basically in front of her. Not sure it fits your request to the T, but a very interesting read and speaks very much to the depression issue.
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Yahoo! has a blog "provided by Johns Hopkins." I've never read it.
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Searching Within has a section, A Better Place to Be, about being bipolar.
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