Name that earworm, Austrian toddler edition
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My child has been singing a song for the past weeks, and I recognise it (or have convinced myself that I do) but can't nail down what song it is. The lyrics are "ring, {2 syllable noun}, ringalingaling, ring, {same noun}, ring."

It's definitely a Christmas-adjacent song, and the child heard it either at Kindergarten or ambiently. It's not the Carol of the Bells, nor My Dingaling, nor Sleigh Ride.

It's probably English, but I can't rule out it being German, as that's their primary language.
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Maybe Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling?
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That’s it. I was thrown off by the child having translated „Kling“ to “ring”, and was stuck on English songs.

We’re listening now. You made a 3-year-old very happy.
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Here's a better version, sung by actual, live children (Tölzer Knabenchor).
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Oh, I am so glad! A 3-year-old with an earworm sounds like loads of fun, enjoy yourselves! :D
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This exchange made me unreasonably happy!!!
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Here are the lyrics, in German and English. This exchange made me unreasonably happy, too!
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