Does this musical percussion technique have a name?
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I have a vague memory of seeing someone perform a percussion piece where they swung a rope in each hand with a weight on the end. They would sometimes allow the weight to strike the wooden resonating chamber to make a "clack" sound. In so doing, they were able to clack out some surprisingly complex rhythms. Does this instrument/technique have a name? What is it? And most importantly, where can I find some videos of people doing it?
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Is it an asalato?
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Best answer: There's an Argentine gaucho dance called malambo which sometimes uses bolas. I'm unclear on the terminology, but I think it's malambo con boleadoras?
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Best answer: (I have to share a couple more videos since this dance is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen. Searching for "malambo boleadoras" on YouTube turns up many others.)
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Yes, it's malambo con boleadoras. I saw an amazing performance of this by an ensemble from Argentina. Part dance, part percussion performance (in that way, similar to flamenco dancing or tap). The boleadora (or bolo) is a hunting tool/weapon used by gauchos to trip fleeing cattle.
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(This wasn't what you asked about, but your question reminded me of it: The Flying Karamazov Brothers do music by juggling.)
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