Which Rocky Top?
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Can you help me figure out which version of 'Rocky Top' I'm thinking of?

Cannot stop listening to the Osbourne Brothers version of Rocky Top. There used to be a version floating around that was slowed down and mournful. I can't remember who recorded it, and it's driving me nuts. I think it was a female singer.
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I can't help with the specific version of the song that you're looking for but I thought this Wikipedia article on the song was interesting and worth a read. It specifically mentions, "Despite its fast and upbeat tempo, the song's first verse is actually a lament over a lost love and lifestyle."
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"Scrawl" has a version of Rocky Top that might be the one you're thinkin of. You can hear a clip of it at the iTunes store.
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Diane Lane's character sings it a capella in the Kenny Rogers stock car racing classic Six Pack.
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Have you checked out Allmusic.com? They've even got sound samples for a lot of the instances. If you've been burned by their suckage in the past, they've recently gotten a lot better.
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