Concert Kerfuffle - shady reseller, accidentally bought to many
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So, I am not a concert goer, but decided to by tickets to a show through VividSeats. Thought I was buying one ticket, clicked yes, ended up with a very l charge on my account for 6 tickets.

I am now broke. Of course shady retailer had no recourse to cancel or refund even one minute after purchase. The concert is the end of Feb, so I have time.

So what do I do now??

I've considered 1) contacting my bank for charge back
2) crying myself to sleep
3) reselling my tickets
4) filing consumer complaints

I'm distraught about this so my brain isn't working out my steps.
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What did you pay with? Could you dispute the charge via your credit card company (or threaten to do so with the retailer - they won't want the chargeback).
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Typo: should be very large charge

It was through my debit, so my credit union. The shady TOS states it's prohibited charge backs and I'm liable if it is successful.
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VividSeats is a legitimate ticket broker but they do have very strict policies. There is supposed to be a confirmation step before they actually charge your card, what total was shown there?

First step is to contact VividSeats and complain that you were charged above the price that was shown in the confirmation step.

If you try to resell the tickets on VividSeats, there is a pretty steep fee (about 20%). Personally I would try to find 5 locals to sell the tickets to at a slight discount, if it is a popular event.
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Depending upon which band it is the tickets are for, many bands have fan sites that have no fees to sell fan-to-fan, and many folks I imagine would be empathetic regarding your situation.
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If it's that big of a deal to you and you don't have time to sell extras to make up the missing money, do the charge back.

The worst they are likely to do is send debt collectors after you. All that is is a great opportunity to make money from their complete inability to remain within the law in their collection efforts. I'd rather deal with that than be homeless or have my electricity shut off.

The fact of the matter is that you intended to purchase one ticket, they sold you more without your affirmative consent, so there is no meeting of the minds and thus no legally binding contract. Fuck 'em.
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Also do number four if you live in a state whose attorney general isn't licking the heels of every business in the state. That is a blatantly deceptive business practice and hopefully enough complaints will get them slapped down.

(I have no problem with "all sales final" when it's clear what was intended to be purchased and there is a mechanism to put things right immediately after the transaction. Even airlines have to give you 24 hours to cancel now.)
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Contact them, get a human on the phone.

I also don't understand what dollar amount was on the screen before you clicked- maybe you can clarify this with the company??
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So I'm going through my bank first and if not try and resell. I'll update when I hear back.

The deception is that the website automatically selects Max quantity per seller instead of 1 ticket, and uses a 1 click purchase instead of an additional order confirmation page.

I will be okay financially, some people have expressed concerns (thank you kind metapeeps!). It's pretty much my current savings and I'll need to be careful about small extras (no takeout), but my bills are paid for the month. I've been working on paying down some debt, and I'll just have to pay the mininium payments this month. But, I can't gift for Christmas unless my friends and family want concert tickets.

Some research indicates that Vividseats has had some FTC complaints for various reasons, so I'm going to do that as well.
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If your bank doesn't give you satisfaction, also complain to their regulator and the CFPB.
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