How to help the helpers in NoCal fires?
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Are there mechanisms to donate to the firefighters in northern California right now? I have found a fair amount of support for victims (and to some extent, I'm sure there's overlap) but I specifically want to send support to the firefighters themselves. And if there are other useful demonstrations of gratefulness beyond money that can be delivered remotely, please also tell me that too.
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Best answer: I have friends in Santa Rosa, and I know yesterday they shared posts about donations needed at the Santa Rosa Fire Department (think food etc). I think they’ve received the help they needed by this morning but if you check the fire departments Facebook page they post about their needs or where to donate for relief efforts.
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30 to 40% of California’s firefighters are prison inmates. Consider finding an organization that works to improve prison conditions, reduce sentences, or otherwise prevent people from being paid a pittance to do this difficult and dangerous work.
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Best answer: Novato Fire (we're just south and west of the fires) put out this notice in support of some of their folks who've lost homes and who are still out on the front lines:

The Novato Fire Foundation is currently accepting donations of cash and gift cards to support fire victims. We are not currently accepting donations of other items including food and clothing. Your tax deductible donation will aid and support those that have lost homes and suffered personal losses. Your donation can be made by calling the Novato Fire District at 415-878-2690 or by stopping by our Administrative offices at 95 Rowland Way in Novato.
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I believe that the firefighters would be pleased to receive a note that on their behalf you've made a donation to any of the NGO non-profit groups who are providing help to the people who suffered loss during the fires.
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Go Fund a Hero. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about this org, it just popped up on my FB feed.
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