What hands-on activities can my civic/activist gang of friends do?
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My civic/volunteer/political/activism group made simple baby blankets to donate to Project Linus. We loved doing this! What other hands-on donation/charity crafts or group activities can we do? We are in the greater Boston area of the USA.

I'm part of a small group of friends who meet regularly to discuss local/national current events, plan volunteer and activist activities, and support each other through these nutty times. We're in the greater Boston area.

We decided to try a tangible hands-on group activity, so we made simple baby blankets and donated them to Project Linus. It was a success, and we all enjoyed it. We'd like to do other activities like this, but I'm having trouble finding ideas or organizations in need.

What other good-cause hands-on activities can we do as a group?

Extra details:
- Not all of us have fabric/yarn skill, so we can't do a thing like "everyone crochet a granny square"
- Doesn't have to be a craft; we're also up for other tasks, like assembling care packages
- We liked the "quilting bee" aspect of all sitting around someone's house working on our craft project, but we'd also be up for going somewhere, like a needy organization's offices
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Boomerang bags is quite an interesting concept, and lends itself to sewing bees. It's quite a large undertaking though. I have heard of food banks asking for help making reuseable/returnable bags for their customers so that they don't have to use as many single use plastic ones.
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Check out Community Cooks! My only connection with this organization is seeing a flyer for it recently, but it sounds awesome. You cook and deliver meals every month to a family in the Boston area.
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You can hold your own one off Days for Girls sewing day or find a local chapter and join in. DfG provide reusable sanitary kits for women and girls around the world. If some of you aren't sewers, there's still cutting and compiling to do.
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Assemble & distribute care kits for homeless people. Here's a Pinterest board of suggestions - a lot of it is Christian-y, just FYI, but plenty of people do this , not just religious ones - it's just something well adapted to church groups and family projects so there's a lot about it online.
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Crayons to Cradles in Boston loves hosting volunteer groups. They collect and process items for kids and families in need--they connect with a lot of local Boston charities.

I would also check Volunteermatch from the United Way. You can put in your group parameters and they'll give you many opportunities to volunteer.
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Depending how big your group is, you could prepare a meal at a Ronald McDonald House (they offer low cost accommodations for families with a child undergoing cancer treatment) When I was in youth group a zillion years ago one of our service activities was helping prepare and serve meals to homeless people at the Pine Street Inn, here are their group opportunities. I realize "Greater Boston Area" may not mean literally in Boston. The other things I tend to check are

- food banks (sometimes they can use help loading/unloading or stocking food or for one-off events)
- pet shelters (big clean up projects occasionally or help staffing events)
- thrift stores or other places that may get big rushes of donations and could use help

So poke around a little and consider making a few phone calls/emails along the lines of "Me and X friends would really like to help with a service project for you. Is there a one-time thing that having X people helping with would make go more smoothly? Our skills are A, B and C"
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Have a letter writing event for Amnesty International's Write for Rights.

If you have similar political beliefs, work on a phone bank or canvas for a candidate, e.g. support New Hampshire's 1st District or 2nd District Representatives (your nearest Swing Left support sites). Adjust as desired to support the candidate/s of your choice.
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If you want to try quilting there is a lot of cutting, ironing and thread snipping to be done for those who don't sew. I remember hearing about an ugly quilt project that are given to foster children so their parents don't take them to sell for drugs.
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I have worked with groups to assemble clean-up buckets for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. They have a couple of other options for kit assemblage as well. There's nothing particularly religious about them, just an organization that is very effective at distributing aid (they got a lot more credit from locals than the Red Cross did after Katrina).
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I'm intrigued by Walk Your City.
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You could sort stuff for shipping containers with NuDay Syria.
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