Searching for an article about class, risk, and faking it
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A few years ago I read an interesting article/blogpost describing how the "fake it 'till you make it" strategies currently in vogue with the startup/entrepreneurial set are very difficult for people from more modest class backgrounds to put into practice. Much of the difficulty was attributed to the different levels of risk tolerance appropriate for privileged v. underprivileged/average persons. Hypothetical example workplace scenarios were given. I believe the article was written in a colloquial style reminiscent of Cracked magazine and may have been authored by someone in the self-improvement/entrepreneurship sphere. Does this ring any bells?
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Is it this article?
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Maybe one of the articles linked from
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Response by poster: It's not the Quartz article, but the article I am recalling is very much on that theme, with examples of workplace attitudes and behaviours that are tolerated/rational in the well-heeled but risky for the poor.
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I remember reading something along those lines at Cracked, and apparently John Cheese has written quite a lot about the topic there. Someone at Reddit put together a nice compilation.
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Is it this one? I think it doesn't have too much in the way of workplace scenarios but it checks your other boxes: focused on risk-taking, conversational tone, written by a start-up founder.
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Response by poster: Have not seen the article among the possibilities posted here, but I appreciate the links to related content.
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