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I would like to support leftist candidates for all sorts of offices in the US government, not just in general campaigns where we can win an open seat or unseat a Republican incumbent, but also in primaries where a Democratic incumbent is doing an inadequate job (like Dianne Feinstein, for example, I so badly want to her go away.) Is there a national organization working on this?

The Tea Party had at least a couple organizations (Tea Party Express, Michele Bachmann’s PAC) that collected donations toward a similar end. As I understand it they would work to identify races and candidates where they could run a successful primary from the right, then funnel donations they collected nationally toward those selected races. Do we have anything like that? If not, is someone building it and can I help them?

(I am aware of the DNC chair race and hope we get someone good in charge, but no matter who it ends up being I will remain distrustful of the official party apparatus after the abysmal performance of the Senate in confirming Trump's cabinet selections.)
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Democracy for America?
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I think this is something that Brand New Congress is working on.
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Not sure if this exactly matches what you're looking for, but Indivisible might be somewhere to look. They explicitly center their approach around using Tea Party-style tactics to unseat pro-Trump representatives & senators. Their guide doesn't talk much about primaries, but it doesn't talk much about elections at all - it's more about organizing & exhibiting disapproval with members of Congress, ostensibly since those are the most effective actions to take right now. I imagine that as we get closer to 2018 elections (both primary and general) they'll shift focus & resources to those.
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We're doing exactly this in Indivisible. Join us!
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ActBlue. $1.5 billion with a B raised for Democratic candidates since 2004.
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Also Swing Left
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