Help me make a list of the can't miss speeches of the 2012 DNC convention.
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I need help so I don't miss out on watching the best "can't miss" speeches of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

I've already seen Bill Clinton's speech, liked it and wanted to be sure to catch the best of the rest. But according to this list from the DNC, there are around 100 speakers at the convention.

Can you give me your list of the speakers that I really should watch?

If you could give me some idea of what makes each one interesting, awesome, rousing, inspiring, etc or just the general theme of the speech that would be truly appreciated. BUT, please don't post any "quotes", "zingers", or "great lines" since I'd prefer to watch them fresh myself.

Also, it's not necessary to provide links to the speeches, since at least right now, I'm fairly confident I can locate most of them somewhere. BUT, again, if you do want to post a video link, please only post a link to the entire speech from beginning to end, as again, I would prefer to watch the best moments in context with a fresh eye, not spoiled.

Thanks so much everybody for helping me catch up.
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Best answer: My own Greatest Hits list (admittedly, I didn't watch any of the early-evening folks; I figured that if any of them turned out particularly great, I'd hear about it and could watch them ater the fact.)

* Clinton (But you know that)
* Michelle Obama (Heartfelt, sentimental in a good way)
* John Kerry (I missed him because, I mean, Kerry? But word is he ripped into Romney and let loose a torrent of really great zingers.)
* Jennifer Granholm (Former governor of Michigan; insanely high-energy defense of the auto industry bailout.)
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Best answer: In addition to the speakers Tomorrowful lists, I also enjoyed the speeches from John Lewis and Deval Patrick.
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Best answer: Deval Patrick - super fired-up and mad
Michelle Obama - second only to Hillary
Sandra Fluke - good defense of contraception/choice
Elizabeth Warren - did better "you didn't build that" than Obama
Bill Clinton - EVERYTHING, especially Medicaid and recession
John Kerry - revenge for 2004
Barack Obama - because the man's got a way with words
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Best answer: Day one was on fire. Deval Patrick was a delight, and Ted Strickland brought the house down. Watch Julián Castro to see a young guy make gravy with his second speech with a teleprompter (and tell a way different story than any other keynote speaker probably ever). Then, when you're done with that, watch Lilly Ledbetter. Oh, and the best for last: Michelle Obama might just make the room a little dusty.

Oh, and you really should see the video/speech featuring Stacey Lihn. That's the type of thing that should have been in prime time.

Day two was pretty boring, but I enjoyed Cristina Saralegui and the greatness of Clinton. Day three I'd say John Kerry, Biden and the president.
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Best answer: Kathleen Sebelius did a great policy-based defense of the ACA, complete with specifics.
Rahm Emanuel also did a good job of placing Obama's first term in context.
Jennifer Granholm's defense of the auto industry bailout was amazing (not an individual link; scroll down)
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Best answer: Here's what I loved:

- Lily Ledbetter - impassioned, no-nonsense Texas straight talk (she's the namesake for the Ledbetter Act, which outlaws pay discrimination based on gender)
- Julian Castro was a joy to watch: young, charismatic, could deal a blow to Republicans with enormous good cheer.
- Elizabeth Warren is the economic justice conscience of the Democratic party and made a very persuasive case for the Dems' economic arguments.
- I only heard Kal Penn (on the radio) but his speech was fun and I'd be surprised if he didn't end up running for office at some point.
- Michelle Obama - just so authentic and heartfelt, yet deeply intelligent. I love that she (apparently) wrote much of it herself.
- Sandra Fluke is not that of a great speaker, but it was cool to see a non-politician speak passionately and knowledgeably about the issue of reproductive rights.
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Best answer: Gaby Giffords reciting the Pledge of Allegiance made me tear up.
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Boston's Mayor Menino aka Mumbles referring to that famous student from Boston "Martha Luther King"
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Response by poster: Wow, great job guys !! Yaaay, AskMe does it again.

Great recommendations here. I especially appreciate those that I would not have seen if not for your help.

John Lewis (thanks Blue Jello Elf). An American hero. And was glad to see someone bring up the current challenges to hard-won voting rights for poor and minority voters.

John Kerry (thanks Tomorrowful, zombieflanders, General Malaise). Yeah, without the mentions here, no way would I have attempted to watch his speech. But you were all right, it was definitely worth it.

Stacey Lihn. That's the type of thing that should have been in prime time. (thanks General Malaise) Agreed. The presentation was a little bungled. But the message is really important. For a lot of people, the election really is a life or death matter.

Ted Strickland. I thought his defense of the auto bailout was one of the more convincing ones, and was fun to watch. (For me, Granholm was just a little too high energy.)

Julian Castro (thanks lunasol). Charming, engaging and possible next rising star.

Elizabeth Warren. (thanks zombieflanders and lunasol). Maybe not the greatest speaker in the world, but she's so right about everything.

Gaby Giffords. (thanks RandlePatrickMurphy). It made me tear up too.

Michelle Obama. Of course, I would have gotten around to watching her sooner or later. Thanks for making it sooner. Everyone else here said it so much better than I can. She's wonderful and I just love her.

Not exactly a speech, but as I was watching these speeches, I ran across this video of the DNC tribute to Ted Kennedy, and hope it's okay to post it here. So moving. Really underscores that for most of the things that Ted Kennedy fought for, Obama has fought for those things too. And it has a few funny moments taken from clips of Kennedy's Senate campaign debates with Romney.

Thanks again everyone !!!!
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Best answer: I thought Tammy Duckworth was also a great speech and highlighted just how badly the Republicans bungled acknowledging the sacrifice of our military families.
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