What questions should I ask at a panel discussion after a showing of "Inside Job"?
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After showing the 2010 Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job at a college, what questions would you ask a follow-on panel comprised of Occupy Wall Street activists, Ron Paul Republicans, economics/business professors, and business owners?

Next Tuesday, March 6, Great Work Productions (AKA my wife and I), in collaboration with our local college's Office of Student Success, are presenting a film screening and panel discussion. We will show the fantastic 2010 Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job, about the origins of the 2008 financial crisis. I will then moderate a panel discussion focused on the issues raised by the film. The panel will be comprised of a diverse cast of characters including Occupy Wall Street activists, Ron Paul supporters, business and economics professors, and business professionals. The audience will consist of both students and a cross-section of community members (it's free).

I've done these kind of things before and am comfortable in the role, but this time I would like to have a better selection prepared questions. The audience can ask questions via notecards, handed to me by volunteers, but I'm hoping to shape the dialogue in a way that reveals the common ground between supposedly disparate groups including OWS, the Tea Party, and the middle.

I would love to hear ideas for questions that might draw out this kind of discussion, especially surrounding issues of $ in politics, corporate personhood, debt, etc.

Thank you!
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Best answer: I can't think of a specific question, but one thing that really disturbed me about the movie was the number of economics professors who consult for large corporations and give academic cover to their shady practices. I'd be curious to know what the professors on the panel think of that aspect of the film.
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Best answer: Well, how about asking just that? Ask each panel member "What common ground do you think you have with (and then mention the others). Tea Party rep, what common ground do you have with OWS?"

If you articulate to yourself beforehand what common ground you think they have, then if you get a knee jerk "nothing!" you can suggest an area of common belief.

Another question I'd be interested in hearing answers to is this: money and power have always been intertwined, rich people and politicians have always danced together -- is it different now? How?

This is such a great movie! Wish you were a little closer, I'd definitely be there. (Maybe you could do a traveling version at WWU?)
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What lessons can we draw from examining not only the 2008 financial crisis, but also the Savings and Loan crisis and/or the debacle of Long Term Capital Management? What similarities do we see? What differences?
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Best answer: I interviewed that film's director. Feel free to adapt my questions.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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