The Tea Party's greatest hits
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What are the Tea Party's greatest hits?

I’m introducing a group of young, mostly left-leaning Canadian students (17-18ish) to the Tea Party movement. I would like to show them short clips to illustrate different directions in the movement. Wading through the thousands of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and “man in the demonstration” clips is killing me so please help me out. What should I show? I have about two hours and will be linking the lecture to earlier work we’ve done on the Progressive Era and FDR and the New Deal. I don’t mind showing some crazy but would also like to show some more reasonable and thoughtful Tea Party activists. I will also happily take your suggestions for well-written articles on the movement.
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Look into the town hall meetings from late summer 2009. The first "greatest hit" video that springs to my mind is the one where Congressman Mike Castle (R-Delaware) is confronted with a woman waving her birth certificate and demanding Obama produce the same.
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The Movement
The rise of Tea Party activism.

by Ben McGrath February 1, 2010
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I think a serious Tea Party supporter would point you to people like Sen Marco Rubio (speech at CPAC 2012) and Rep Paul Ryan (GOP response to 2011 SOTU).
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The Tea Party has successfully challenged several "RINO" candidates in the primaries and defeated them with candidates the Tea Party considers more ideologically acceptable.

Right now, Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is being challenged by Richard Mourdock, who is backed by the Tea Party and looks to have an excellent chance of winning.

The Tea Party doesn't gauge success based on headline count, or how many demonstrations they hold and how many people show up. That was important early in the movement in order to gain strength and credibility. Now they are working at the grass roots in the Republican Party to try to change its direction.
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This article from the New York Times is helpful. My earlier attempt to provide more information in response to your question was deleted by a moderator, so this will have to do.
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I think the September 12th CNN/Tea Party Express debate where members of the audience cheered on the idea of society just letting an uninsured man die because he can't pay for healthcare is definitely one of their "greatest hits".
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Keep your government hands off my Medicare is one of my favorite Tea Party hits.
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There was an analysis I read in either the Washington Post or the New York Times about the voting records of the Tea Party-backed first-timers voted into Congress, and I can't find it, but this one from USA Today seems pretty similar.
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You definitely need Rick Santelli's original CNBC rant that basically brought the movement to life.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, these are helpful. I hadn't been paying attention to the town halls and I'm looking forward to watching Ryan and Rubio. The Santelli rant is a great idea as well. Much appreciated, and I will check everything out. More ideas are welcome.
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Definitely look at their electoral successes. Whereas the victories of the Occupy movement seem largely to be getting kicked out of the parks a few months later than they expected, the Tea Party has representatives in Congress. And even a number of congresscritters who were incumbent when the Tea Party got started have associated themselves with it.
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