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My friend has a visual impairment and will traveling to BCN solo on Delta. Is there a good procedure to follow to get off the plane, get forms filled out, get through passport control and customs, and make her way to the Uber line (and the reverse on the way home), ideally with the minimum of disruption or fuss? Suggestions from the very general to the very specific happily accepted. Thank you!
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The third item is "Would like to let us know that you are blind or have low vision".
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Slightly off topic, but there is no Uber here. Cabify is close to the same thing, taxi service is cheap and reliable.
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The airport website is very helpful (she's arriving at Terminal 1), including cut-away maps, if she wants to prepare ahead of time. It looks as though there's an app, too. Obviously, Barcelona's subject to disability discrimination laws, same as all of Europe, so the airport will be accessible. They offer assistance, which presumably means being driven from the gate, but there is a phone number on that page, too. And there's an app to download ahead of time so she can be ready.

So hopefully some of that helps.
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ONCE is the Spanish national organization of and for the blind. They may have some travel info resources, and they do have English info on their site
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