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I need new music, help! I'm looking for modern pop/disco, preferably sung by women, the more queer the better.

My music rotation right now is pretty much all Scissor Sisters, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Charli XCX, to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Current favorite songs are "Boys Boys Boys" and "Disco Heaven" by Lady Gaga, "Toxic" by Britney, "Only the Horses" and "Baby Come Home" by the Scissor Sisters. Where do I find more music like this that's women singing about women? I want a non-hetero version of "Summerboy"! I want Charli XCX's "Boys" but by girls and about girls!
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The Ark was a Queer, Sweedish rock band that if you like Scissor Sisters you will love.
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Le Tigre, maybe?
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Tegan and Sara
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Christine and the Queens. The whole album is excellent.
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It's not disco, but Mary Lambert's newish song "Know Your Name" is fun queer girlie pop.
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Beth Ditto,
Rebecca and Fiona,
Le Tigre,
The Knife,|
Fever Ray,
FKA Twigs
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HuffPo: "Australian Pop Singer Betty Who’s Path to Stardom Started in the Queer Community" (calls out the video for "I Love You Always Forever").
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Not so much girls singing about girls but you might enjoy Carly Rae Jepson's latest album. Sample lyrics include "I think I broke up with my boyfriend today and I don't really care" and it's girly pop greatness through and through.
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Maybe you'd like New Young Pony Club? Here's The Get Go and Ice Cream. Might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it's what jumped to my mind.
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This might not be quite right, or it might be perfection. RuPaul has many albums; I love the older stuff like "work that body", "snapshot" and "foxy lady"
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Thanks strangecargo, for turning me on to
Christine and the Queens!
Thanks to the others for posting music I never heard of!
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Nimmo for sure.

Also check out MUNA.
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Yes, MUNA is so obviously what you need. They are 3 queer women, just put out an album of killer pop tunes, and enjoy #resisting by including a verse like this on Jimmy Kimmel:

"Even if our skin or our Gods look different
I believe all human life is significant
I throw my arms open wide in resistance
He’s not my leader even if he’s my president”
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The Blow
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La Roux
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I like the same things you like, and I also really love Halsey (who is bi, and has some songs about boys and some songs about girls and some songs about both.)

I also enjoy the poppy Sapphic stylings of Hayley Kiyoko.

(Bonus rec: not music, but my fave w/w love story in recent media is the episode of Black Mirror called "San Junipero.")
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Everyone gets a best answer! This list is giving me life. Also where do I send my application to join Mary Lambert's girl gang??! So far I have picked up Tegan and Sara's most recent album (I had thought they were all breathy acoustic guitar, which is usually not my jam, but I was clearly mistaken), MUNA, and Goldfrapp, and I'm looking forward to everything else. (And yes, San Junipero is the best!!)
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