Good online stores with screenprinted posters?
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I'm looking for shops online that sell screenprinted art! Examples: Burlesque of North America, Poster Cabaret, Etsy... thanks MeFi!
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my best experiences have been with collectives or local groups that screenprint gig posters and for themselves.

and so many more.

A lot of the shops will have annual sales where you can buy a series or group of overruns or sometimes just a bunch of random stuff and it will all be great.

Here in the Bay Area, cool screen printed posters from the 90's have started showing up at flea markets and yard sales. GenX is getting old!
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antikBar uk has lovely vintage posters.
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For the purpose of what? I collect screen prints and I follow which links to poster sales around the web. Generally these sales are conducted by the artists directlyt hrough their own websites so that website alone probably links to one hundred sites. Mondo and Gallery1988 both feature a variety of art, a lot of it screenprints. If it is so desired I could make up a list of 10 or so artists who directly sell, but I'm on mobile so linking is arduous.
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Socirty6 sell art prints. I'm not sure if they are screen printed.
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justseeds (political & environmental themes), ArtCrank (bicycles!), Iskra (music), and Fatherless Print Posse ("a visual mix-tape of shenagination")
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Kid Icarus
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