Where can I get large poster prints of Andy Goldsworthy's more popular pictures?
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Where can I get large poster prints of Andy Goldsworthy's more popular pictures?

I'm starting as a teacher this upcoming Fall, and I'd like to use some of Andy Goldsworthy's art to decorate my very bare walls. My favorite images are the icicle spiraling around a tree and the stones with aligned cracks down the center, but I really like a lot of his work. However, after an hour or so, googling around, I've only been able to find five full-size posters and I'm not thrilled with any of them. I know he sells his images in books, but is there a source of poster-sized prints for some of his more popular pictures?
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Here is one - Stone River Poster. I actually think a good alternative would be to purchase one of his books (such as A Collaboration with Nature) and then take an x-acto knife and cut out the pages. These are large enough books that you'd get some nice sized "posters" out of one book. I would not think the author would mind you deconstructing a book in this way and for this purpose.
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I didn't actually execute this plan, but when I wanted a big Goldsworthy print for my wall, I searched Flickr for good photos of his work with an eye to either getting them printed poster size at a copy shop or using rasterbator to print them out huge, then mounting them on foam core for hanging. I contacted one photographer via Flickr for permission and he seemed psyched about the idea.
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