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Clyfford Still is my favorite artist ever. Unfortunately, I am having a very difficult time finding prints of his work, except for the same 2-3 that always show up on sites like art.com. I've been looking for years. Any suggestions?

I'm not above reproductions, or even prints made from high-res scans (if I could even find them!) I'm pretty much open to anything except for "breaking into an art museum and stealing a painting."

Bonus points if you know where I can find LARGE prints -- or as close to full-size as possible.
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The Clyfford Still Museum is under construction in Denver and they will almost certainly sell prints/posters. In the meantime, you can try contacting the gift shops of museums that have exhibited his works including the Met, SFMoMA, the Hirshhorn Museum and the Albright-Knox Gallery.
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Perhaps woefully unhelpful (I've looked for prints myself but never found decent ones), but the Clyfford Still Museum is planned to open in Denver. Often times you can buy prints at a museum's online shop. Let's hope we don't have to wait until then, though!
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I live in Denver and am watching the museum being built.

You may want to look into asking the Denver Art Museum, which is next door if they have prints, they had a large exhibition of his, when the opened the new wing. You never know! Also perhaps the Vance Kirland museum, also in town.

I'm extremely curious about your passion for Still, as I am not a fan.
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Response by poster: I'm extremely curious about your passion for Still, as I am not a fan.

It's really hard to describe why I like an artist or a painting. The phrase "dancing about architecture" comes to mind. So, instead, I'll just say the first words that come to mind when I think Still's work : dreamlike, peaceful, overwhelming, dramatic, natural

Does that make any sense?
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What do you mean by prints? Do you mean fine art prints (such as etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, or serigraphs) created or commissioned by the artist himself or reproductions of his works, such as posters or mass market prints, commissioned by others?

If it's the former they won't sell them at an art museum, you'd have to find a gallery the represents Still or try to find individual sellers who may have his work. As you know, he's primarily known as a painter, and a preliminary google search did not reveal much about his work with prints, except that they were listed as part of his oeuvre along with paintings and drawings. It didn't even specify the type of prints or the number. It could be that he only created a very limited amount of prints in his lifetime and they are extremely rare, which would make them both expensive and difficult to come by. If it's the latter, than the Clyfford Still Museum will most likely sell quality reproductions and posters when it opens as others have suggested.
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Response by poster: (By prints, I meant a "poster," although I rarely see that word used in reference to fine art. Perhaps my terminology is off; I am by no means an expert.)
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D'uh, if I had read the second paragraph before jumping in, it would have been obvious that you were interested in posters. I used to work in the Prints, Drawings, and Photographs department of an art museum, so when I read the word prints, my mind immediately makes the leap to fine art prints.
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Clyfford Still donated a number of his works to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. Maybe their gift shop could be of help. You should probably try giving them a call on the phone as opposed to email/web.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the suggestions -- will definitely start the checking museum the gift shops.

AND -- can't wait until the Clyfford Still museum opens! I may just have to trek out to Denver for the opening. So many of his works have never seen the light of day -- I can't wait to see what's been sitting in that warehouse all these years.
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