Show me beautiful and radical art that I can buy!
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Seeking recommendations for other artists whose work is similar to Justseeds' posters!

Looking for more beautiful, affordable prints that a person, such as myself, who loves Justseeds' posters (which celebrate radical history and causes in a variety of styles, at accessible prices) could buy. Show me more cool art that celebrates social-justice type causes!

My particular interests are in queer and trans liberation, AIDS activism, and disability justice, so bonus points for those, but also interested in any of the other topics that Justseeds covers (Indigenous sovereignty, racial justice, labour history, environmental causes, etc.)
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They alway have tonnes of those posters at TCAF, so maybe look for local comic festivals (or have a road trip)
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Eric Drooker maybe? Not all of his art is social justice focused, but lots of it is and his prints are $99.
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Donnelly/Colt is well known for this! They do a lot of Ricardo Levins Morales prints, but he has even more.
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Syracuse Cultural Workers has lots of stuff along those lines.
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Nikki McClure
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I have this print, which isn't explicitly social-justice-focused but stirs up a lot of such feelings for me. I really love it, and several of the artist's works are in a similar vein. Unfortunately the shop is "on a break", so hopefully she'll be back soon!

Donnelly Colt is a supplier, but I think you'd enjoy their catalogue (which includes some vintage pieces, when they can find them) and they've always be happy to send my org just one of an item so it's not like you'd have to place a big order.
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Liberation Ink, which seems to be temporarily closed.

Micah Bazant makes beautiful prints, mostly of trans people and issues.
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Bread and Puppet Is one of the originals. I also like Shepard Fairey's work a lot.
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I have Crimethinc Workers Collective Your Life is Your Life poster hanging over my desk and I see it whenever I am typing. Drooker is also great. You might want to look at The Labadie Collection who put up digitzed copies of all of their posters if you want to DIY. AK Press sells JustSeeds and a few other things. I often look at who is selling Slingshot Organizers and what the Anarchist bookfair has going on when I'm looking for inspiration.
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Beehive Collective

The Beehive Design Collective is a wildly motivated, all-volunteer, activist arts collective dedicated to “cross-pollinating the grassroots” by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. We work as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, shared with us through conversations with affected communities.

MESOAMÉRICA RESISTEThis double-sided, folding poster illustrates stories of resistance, resilience, and solidarity from Mexico to Colombia. A map drawn in old colonial style depicts the modern invasion of megaprojects planned for the region… and opens to reveal the view from below, where communities are organizing locally and across borders to defend land and traditions, protect cultural and ecological diversity, and build alternative economies.

THE TRUE COST OF COALThis graphics campaign reflects the complexity of the struggles for land, livelihood, and self-determination playing out in Appalachia, and was made with the intention of honoring the tremendous history of organized resistance and the courage of communities living in the shadow of Big Coal.

++ More. Radical Lovely Humans making and sharing some really amazing work
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