“Original” self-marketing ideas
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I'm looking for original self-marketing ideas for a writer and/or a designer. Okay, social media is important: Design your own page, update it frequently and get your friends to like it and promote it to their friends. But I'm looking for those kinds of tips that you've read and thought to yourself "Well that's original!". Something on par with Nine Inch Nails'/H2DA/Radiohead's decision to give their music for free "lest they come to the unique live concert experience" marketing ploy. Have you ever come across a Seth Godin or a Malcolm Gladwell book (or anything else) and was struck by something interesting?
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Advertising has a lot of stories like that. The most recent I remember was the guy who got himself a job using Google Adwords. (probably not repeatable)
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I think this guy creating action figures of himself is pretty clever.
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Photographer specific, but I look at No Plastic Sleeves for ideas a lot.
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Uber does the occasional wacky promotion where you can use their app to summon things like a mariachi fiesta, an ice cream truck, or a car full of kittens and cupcakes.
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