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I want to buy some large art from Etsy to frame and hang in my living room. But I am overwhelmed by options! Please recommend your favorite Etsy shops for large prints and posters.

Must ship to the USA. Ships that accept Etsy gift cards are a plus. I've reviewed some older questions on the topic but it seems a lot of those shops have since closed.
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I own three prints by this artist and people ask after them all the time. As a result I've given them as gifts.
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Could you help us out with a little more guidance? Anything you like/dislike in mood, subject, style, colors... or show a piece that you already like?
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I really theaterclouds, but I'm not sure if 16 x 20 counts as large.

Maybe trolleyla if you're feeling like pink.

Perhaps some ferns, from RockyTopPrintShop.
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How large is large?

Watercolor animals
Geometric, but not super big
Geometric and big
Modern art style

These are shops that I have favorited, but have not actually necessarily purchased from, fwiw.
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Response by poster: I'd prefer poster-sized, at least (2x3, maybe?). I like modern art and bright colors, but I'd love to see anything people like!
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Maggie Russell, from my hometown. but the largest are 16 x 20, looks like.
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I ordered a print from John Hovenstine. It was a great experience--he promptly returned all messages (usually within minutes of me sending them, but definitely within 24 hours) and the item arrived quickly and with little fuss. I'm not sure if any of his prints are marked as large, but I worked with him to get a large print done (poster sized, I think 24" by 27" or something like that?) of an item he had in a smaller print so it's definitely doable. I was pleased with the experience and would definitely order through him again.
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I love Siiso, whose work is definitely modern and bright. Her largest giclee print is 16x20, but you can also request any of the pieces be printed on 30x40 canvas.
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I like Feverish Art. Not sure if she is on etsy. She is also a really nice person; I met her at an art show and she let my kids feel her prints and explained the whole letterpress process to them.

Her latest pieces are more colorful.
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A few from my favorites. You should also check out vintage art on Etsy and Ebay. I've managed to get some gorgeous line drawings, watercolors and even some old oil paintings that always get compliments. Some come with nice old frames too.

- MIRROR Original drawing by marmart88
-Retro-Modern Art Prints by CONCEPCIONSTUDIOS (eg Star Wars, Cities etc.)
- Seed large abstract original art screenprint by littleprintpress (actual screenprint, not a digital print)
- HUGE 1970 35 Astronomy print The HEAVENS by VintageInclination
- Large Canvas School Chart Vintage Pull Down by GrittyCityGoods
- Debbie Carlos Posters & Prints - she has some that are 30x40 and 24x36
- Large Screen Print Björk in Blue by SarahLindstrom
- The Full Moon Giant Poster Lunar Moon Wall by SubloadTravellers (printed on a silk material)
- Vintage Inspired Astronomy Print Poster by TheCuratorsPrints (others available too)
- BorianaMihailovska
- Large Beach Photo by kimberlyblok
- Minimalist Large Print Modern Mountains by evesand
- Bear Watercolor Print by ElfShoppe (up to 48x60)
- I love the Blue Sea Animals of the Pacific Northwest Poster by Banquet but it's not quite big enough for your needs
- Samantha French has many large format prints
- Large Original Etching Print by ElviaPerrin
- Aspen Grove in Winter 47 x 47 print by lenzenprintshop
- Geometric Watercolors by GeometricInk (lots of other animals and geometric shapes available)
- Beautiful Geometric Winter Moth by sanyaglisic (smaller but beautiful in person)
- original absract screenprint by littleprintpress
- GRID Screenprint Poster by Marideestudio
- Screenprint art poster by StrangeAnatomies
- Laura K. Murdoch large screenprints

A few non-Etsy places:
Art | LEIF
Society6 Prints and Canvas
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Jaime Rovenstine is fabulous. (Might be smaller than what you're looking for.)
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Here ReStyleGraphic you can find many sizes of posters from small to extra large and canvas prints too. Bright and minimalist posters, especially for those who love Scandinavian design and ornaments. In addition there is a cushion with the same ornaments.
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