Which stone cutter is this?
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Can you identify this stone cutter?

My landlord took over my loft for a year to "renovate." He actually used my home as a shop to work on the neighboring unit.

The neighbor has stone shower, I have no stone. Now, in court under oath, he denies this is a stone cutter. Cross-examination coming up this week, I need to find the manufacturer and model of this thing.
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It looks similar to a Bridge Wet Tile Saw.
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It looks similar to a Bridge Wet Tile Saw.

I agree, though this one seems to have a different logo on it. Using "tile saw" as a search term might help in trying to narrow down the exact make and model.
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Yes, it's a tile saw. No tradesman would call it a 'stone cutter,' even though it's fully capable of cutting stone tiles. Maybe that's the technicality your landlord is hanging his hat on, for whatever reason? You won't find an advertisement or specification referring to it as a "stone cutter." I doubt that really matters.
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I asked a coworker about this, because she has years of experience assisting her husband, a stonemason. She writes:

Yeah, that looks like a wet tile saw. Stone masons typically use a different, hand-held saw.
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