Plant ID please!
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What is this plant that I have?

I have a mystery plant - photos here - that's somehow been surviving months of alternating neglect and overwatering and I'd like to know what it is. I think I grew it from a random seed and it may or may not be about a year and a half old. I can't remember. It seems happy in its little vase with absolutely no drainage but I'm debating whether to disrupt its lifestyle and transplant it to a bigger pot. Thanks!
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My guess is a Citrus of some kind. Compare to photos of known Citrus seedlings:
Lemon (Wikipedia)
Orange (Wikipedia)
Calamondin (blog post) and second post
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It's definitely a citrus. This leaf guide may help in identifying the variety.

It would definitely be happier in a pot with a drainage hole, if nothing else. Citrus hates wet feet.
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3rding Citrus. And definitely repot it. There's lots of info out there on caring for potted citrus.
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