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Do you rock a buzz cut despite extreme babyface? If yes, teach me your ways!

After recently witnessing some truly appalling overhead photos of myself, I've come to accept that I'm quite thoroughly balding. I'm in my mid-20s and just started experimenting with buzz cuts this month or so.

This week I shaved down to a 1.5 guard -- I think about as long as I can go without an obvious bald spot and thinning (both forehead and crown). Long story short, I've copped a lot of ribbing from fam and friends about the recent cut. While some of this might be due to the novelty of it, I also wonder if it looks a bit too `severe' and is incongruous on my head. While I've been told my head is nicely-shaped, I have extreme, chronic babyface, and am often mistaken for someone in their late teens/early 20s. I'm also a scrawny guy with glasses and hearing aids, and not at all tough --- a kind of loving, vegetarian marshmallow of a man, and very happily so.

So my questions are:
i) Do you rock a buzz cut with babyface? If so, how do you style it to look less severe?
ii) Are there any additional style choices you make (e.g., clothing, glasses, facial hair) to complement (i)?
iii) How do you project confidence in your tress-free, stress-free lifestyle?

Even though I'm unsure about the look, I do love buzzing my head for other reasons (feels amazing to the touch! very easy to care for! there's a kind of DIY aspect?), so I'd be keen to keep doing it if possible.
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I do sometimes.

i) I have a beard, pierced ear lobes and an industrial.
ii) Without hair, cranial accessories can be louder without coming off as gaudy. Try brightly colored sunglasses or, a look I liked until I lost them, tortoise shell Ray Ban Clubmasters (or knockoffs).
iii) You literally just get used to it and forget that you have a different haircut than you're used to.

I'm not balding at all, but my advice for you would be to go full cueball and maintain it. People like to give others shit after any major style change, so I wouldn't read into that too much. Look how you want to look.
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I'm a lady with long hair, but I think I can help! The guy I'm dating right now is about your age and also has a baby face; he has a buzz cut to (I assume) hide a receding hairline. And you know what? He's super hot.

He's clean-shaven, but does wear squarish plastic glasses (kinda like these) that go a long way to combat the baby face effect.
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My husband has had this haircut for years out of laziness (because a nearly shaved head means I can cut his hair at home in five minutes, as opposed to having to go somewhere and pay someone). He looks good! My advice is to give it time. You'll get used to it.
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Is getting a 3 on top and a 2 or a 1.5 on the sides doable? Might make it a bit less severe. I'd also pay attention to the rest of your aesthetic -- how are you dressing? Hip or stylish clothes with cute accessories might make the buzzcut look more intentional.

When my hair is buzzed I've actually heard that it's masculinizing, so I'd keep rocking it and adjust to the look!
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If by "babyface" you mean kinda round-ish then some facial hair might help. I've gone peach fuzz length for 25 years and have a Van Dyke (moustache & chin beard with nothing connecting the two). If you just mean that you think you look really young I wouldn't worry about it - shaved heads can really throw off people's estimation of your age. For these past 25 years people have tried to guess my age (or assumed my age) and been off either direction by more than a decade.

feels amazing to the touch!

You're not the only one who's gonna think so . . . nudge nudge wink wink.
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+1 to facial hair

What kind of glasses do you have? You should get rectangular frames rather than round.

If you're being mistaken for a teen, you probably need to improve the rest of your wardrobe.
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My 37 year old husband with a similar hairstyle and build has been mistaken for a college undergrad when clean shaven but stops getting carded when he keeps some well-maintained facial hair. Mustache, van Dyke, goatee, right now he's got kind of a Hulk Hogan horseshoe mustache going on--they all seem to work equally well.
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Welcome to the best haircut ever club. Make sure to wear hats outdoors and sunblock your head well because the only thing that makes us look less than awesome is suburn or other rashes. Leaving long sideburns can help you look older too and helps you feel like Elvis a little bit.
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I'm female and not bald, but I'm a great admirer of men, so maybe I can make some suggestions on this look? If you are clean-shaven, buzzed, and round-faced, you need something to break up the "skin everywhere" look and add interest. For instance, pick one:
1. Facial hair; any kind that pleases you. Stubble can be sexy and looks confident. Use it to define your jawline and cheekbones. Emphasizing your facial angles is key.
2. Modern glasses, even if you don't need them and they are just for fun. Again, the frames should draw attention to your cheekbones and also highlight your eyes. Try on several pairs until you get ones that stun. For a round face, start by looking at squarer frames.
3. Some type of piercing, ear, eyebrow, whatever works with your look, if this is your thing.
4. If nothing else, pale guys could consider a little self-tanner (have a helper apply an even layer).
Ignore detractors. Bald is hot.
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My brother has exactly this problem, and he looks about 15 when he's clean-shaven (he's 35). The solution is definitely facial hair. He looks about 25 with a big hipster beard and casual clothes, and 30 with a cropped beard and a suit. Avoid those full straggly beards (they look terrible, and the people wearing them always veer a bit close to neckbeard) but anything else should look great.

These guys make a very convincing case for all bald guys needing some facial hair, with photos.
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I'm in my forties and have been shaving my head regularly for at least a decade. For most of that time I've had a mustache and short beard. Last year for a while I tried shaving my facial hair entirely to see if it made me look younger as a bit of gray is creeping into the beard.

It had a pretty dramatic effect. Shaved head plus no facial hair does really make one look younger, so I would recommend at least trying some facial hair and seeing if you like it. I grew back the facial hair by popular demand (kids and wife thought I looked weird).

Also, head sunburns are no joke. I tuck an emergency hat in my car after a bad experience.

Lastly I think the right pair of glasses could help as well.

Best of luck with your new head!
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Try glasses that have built-in "eyebrows"- darker colour and/or thicker material along the top edge, lighter colour and/or thinner material along the bottom edge. They will add definition and a little bit of "hardness" to counteract the softness of your face.

If you have a pale brow colour or sparse eyebrow hair, experiment with tinting them darker. Any aesthetician and many hair or nail salons can do it. It's inexpensive and lasts for a few weeks, and will add shape and definition to your face. It will look strange to you at first but once you're used to it, dark brows look amazing on everyone, and are particularly fashionable right now.

Keep your hair shorter on the sides (maybe even shaved bald) and longer on the top (even if just a low buzz). This will add a little vertical height to your head and counteract roundness.
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+1 to facial hair. I had the same issues as you - so called baby face until one Movember I decided to grow out my facial hair. That was almost 4 years ago now and I don't see myself without a beard.

The idea is that you want to refocus the person away from your hair on to your face. The beard accomplishes said objective.

A buzz/crew cut is just easier and looks neater. Not to mention that it takes a jiffy to dry and style.

I also wear glasses and have stuck withp the classic RayBan frames that are heavy and black. It compliments my brown skin tone and black hair.
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I am a woman, so my experience with being bald will of course be different to yours! But I shaved my head completely smooth for the better part of a year in my late twenties and learned a lot about how hair changes your face. The thing I found to be the most important in retaining 'definition' in my features was to maintain quite dark, strong eyebrows. It got rid of the 'I am doing chemo' look and separated my face from my now seemingly vast expanse of forehead. Perhaps, if your brows are naturally a bit sparse or pale, you might want to look into having them tinted?

From a practical standpoint, let me just say that rubbing my head with a little 100% jojoba oil post-shave was the best way to keep the skin moisturised, smooth, clean-feeling and shiny.
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