What is this rainbow colored plant or fungus?
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The object in the linked picture was recently found on a gravel road in Northern Georgia (the US state). The picture is a cross section of something, either plant or fungi, which smelled mushroomy and has a light brown exterior. About 2 inches in diameter. I have deja-vu, I feel like I've seen or even asked this question before. I'm hoping someone who still has a good memory can tell me what it is.
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Can you dissect it further? Looks like a decomposing fruit to me. Like an Osage orange or a pomegranate. It's not either of those, but that's general category I think.
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it looks a bit like the cross section of a truffle mushroom to me
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... and a clue for me was gravel road because truffles like gravel roads.

not saying you should taste it
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Best answer: A google image search identified it as an "artifact". Giving it a little extra encouragement with the words "cross section" and "fungus" led to this result, which looks close: Horse dung fungus (Bohemian truffle).
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Response by poster: Thanks all! My attempts at reverse image search kept leading to rock.

Looks like it is Pisolithus tinctorius, a truffle like fungus that likes to fruit above ground.
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