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Where can i find a single copy (ie. not a subscription) of seed magazine in the south east of England?

or is there somewhere online where i can order the magazine as a single issue (rather than a subscription to 6). thanks!
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Which issue are you looking for?
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Response by poster: sorry, i should have explained myself better. i would preferably want the most current one - not a specific issue. the problem is that i can only see the possibility of subscribing on their website (6 issues) but i don't want to commit before having read a copy.
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Seed has a "Try the first one free" offer going on right now. You can sign up for a subscription, choose "bill me later", get the first issue, then cancel without any further commitments. Coincidentally, I did this earlier this morning.

I don't know if the offer applies to England, though.
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Here's the link, but it looks like the offer only applies to Canada and the US. Sorry.
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Response by poster: thanks painquale. i checked but unfortunately the offer is only valid for US and Canada.
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its a really great magazine, just subscribe :) they had some problems over the last year and relaunched. i paid them more than a year ago but they came through in november.
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Are there any larger bookshops near you that might have single issues? I know I can find all types of imported UK magazines at my local bookstore and if I got into New York I can find probably every one. Perhaps call a few stores and see if they carry it? Perhaps someone from the US can mail you a copy? I would send you the one I bought for a recent flight but it already was given to someone else..
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Are there any larger bookshops near you that might have single issues?

Good advice. Are you anywhere near London? Just off the top of my head, Tower Records would be a great place to start, as they tend to be good for importing US titles. (The Dublin branch is the only place in the city where I can find The New York Times, even if it is a couple of weeks out of date.)
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Might be worth dropping Oxford's Q.I. bookshop a line. They're currently trying to hunt down copies of McSweeney's and The Believer for me for the same reason as you're looking for Seed: I might subscribe, but I'd rather read a few issues first.
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Yeah a good newsagent will probably be able to get one for you. If you have a Borders near you then try them too, if they don't have it they can order as well. They carry all manner of obscure and foreign magazines and fanzines, half of which look homemade. Or at least mine does.
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Response by poster: cheers for all the suggestions. unfortunately, there aren't any good newsagents near me (save whsmith) and i live too far from london to make a visit for a magazine. so i think i'm going to contact some of my friends in the US to see if one of them would be kind enough to mail me a copy. thanks again all!
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Comag, the UK distributor that brings in most of the more obscure US magazines, doesn't seem to carry it. I would have said that one of the two big Borders in central London (Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road) would be your best bet, but phone them first.
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