Suggest me some unpretentious literary magazines.
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Suggest some magazines which publish short stories and poetry that are not stuffy and pretentious. Also, any science fiction magazines that are worth reading would be greatly appreciated as well.

Basically, I am looking for a magazine that publishes works for the everyman, so to speak. Some of the authors I enjoy: : Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Philip K Dick, John Fante, Chuck Palahiuk just to name a few. Hope that's enough info.
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Best answer: Check out , it has short stories from one of America's major Science Fiction/Fantasy publishers and is an interesting blog on the subject as well.
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Best answer: Zoetrope
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Best answer: Tin House. It's fat and fancy, kind of Granta like, but I took them up on an offer of a free sample copy and ended up subscribing. (Their covers are cool, too.) Disclaimer: I read the New Yorker for the articles, you know, like some people read Playboy, but I often end up reading fiction that was first published therein (NYer, not PB so much) whenit's chosen for Best American Short Stories. Tin House, check it out. It's back to (wo)manning the polling place for me now. I gave my break to AskMeFi!

Good Luck--Elizabeth
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Best answer:
If you don't mind the regional slant, try the Oxford American.

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Best answer: Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet kind of does both--they mostly publish what you might call speculative literary fiction, but of a slightly more out-there cast.
Their tagline: "A collection of fiction and sometimes fancy (but usually plain)."

And, you can get a subscription that includes a "good chocolate bar"! (I got this one, and the chocolate is in fact good.)
They also have many other excellent subscription options.
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Best answer: For SF, you can't go wrong with Fantasy & Science Fiction or Asimov's.
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Best answer: Analog is the science fiction magazine that has the reputation as the least pretentious, it is nuts and bolts, meat and two veg SF. The exact opposite of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet in fact.

I would instead second Shoggoth in recommending F&SF which falls somewhere in-between.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions thus far. Thanks very much!
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Best answer: F&SF's editor, Gordon Van Gedder, has a great eye for new writers and for ballsy, Ellison-esque SF.

I always liked the review pieces in The Common Review, but I don't think they do fiction (they do however, have some surprisingly good poetry.)
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